I wanted to post a couple of photos of our very small New York City courthouse wedding 6 months ago. I finally got around to post it on my blog this morning.

Now, I want to see your, 20-something married bloggers', wedding photos. Share your links and post a photo from your wedding day to this post!


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Oh. My. GOD! I love your dress, shoes and flowers! You made a beautiful bride! Oh, I know you have seen my photos before, but I'm sharing my link anyway... :)

Gorgeous. I love all of this picture and want to steal your shoes. :)

Aw! Thank you, thank you!! :) 

Your dress is amazing! <3 

How about bloggers in weddings? I was in my sister's wedding this summer. (That's me scratching my butt)

1) that's hilarious!

2) nice choice in bridesmaids' dress color!

3) the back of the bride's dress is very pretty.


such a cute bridesmaids' dress!

I am!  And I have!

Haha. So true. I have so many bridesmaids dresses I can never wear again, but I can't throw them out.

Shelly, you are always scratching your butt.

she's being classy and discreet about it...



Welcome to 20SB!






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