Hey 20somethings!!

I've been brainstorming and I've decided to put together a collab channel on Youtube. It would be for different how-to's, reviews, or advice on a specific topic (whatever your expertise is/ blog is about)and my contribution would be book reviews, my friend Drew has decided to do craft project how-to's . For example, if you are a beauty guru/make-up lover and blogger you could make a video every monday on with a new make-up look each week, someone else who's a movie lover could make a video every tuesday on movie reviews and I would make book reviews every Wednesday, Drew, every Thursday and so on. It would be a big commitment as I would hope to produce a video once a week from every person. If you are interested then, 1st of all: YAYY! and 2nd of all: let me know with a comment below. Obviously it would need to be discussed further to set down who's doing what and on what days and hopefully getting to know each other in the process. :)  The project would begin January 2013. Hopefully the first of the year. I'm ready to make a successful, fun, positive channel and want others who are interested in that as well.




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this sounds really cool :) I will subscribe to the channel if ya'll make it!


YES! I've wanted to start vlogging but wasn't sure how to go about it and what to actually vlog. I'm not sure what I would want my "thing" to be. Maybe cooking/baking? But like you said that can be discussed later on. I love this idea and would love to be a part of it. I'll try to think of some alternate ideas as well.

baking/cooking sounds perfect! i'm so excited. i'll be messaging you soon!

I think its a great idea! I would follow that channel. I've done a little bit of YouTube stuff, but don't really have a "niche" at the moment. However, if you would want help or ideas I'd be up for it!

thanks!  any help would be most appreciated. i will keep you posted and let me know if you think of anything you'd want to vlog about or see

I would be very interested!!! I would love to do movie reviews for the site. I went to film school and am currently a video editor so I think this would be an absolute blast.

awesome! movie reviews would be perfect! i'll message you soon!


I was thinking about this today and have a suggestion. I think a lot of us bloggers have a lot on our plates, with jobs, our own lives, and blogging. I think it would be cool instead of finding permanent people to post videos every week (that's a pretty daunting task if you are already busy), instead have a bunch of different bloggers post a video or two when they want. I have an excellent hair tutorial I'd love to film, but i'm not goddess on hair, so I would only want to post that one video. And then if I figure out another DIY i could post it then. I think the best way for this to work is for you to run the page, and for people to send their complete and edited videos to you to upload to the page. I dunno though. I would love to see this get going though, it would be so fun for us 20sb to make this channel!!

I like this idea. However, from experience know that it's hard to keep something like that going with out some sort of commitment made. I think 4 people are on board with weekly vlogs so what if there was a "potpouri" day which can be any 20sber on any topic (not already being done). And/or if someone wanted to jump in and do one of the 4 already assigned topics, the owner of that topic could take the week off (I would be fine with that).

What do you guys (Amanda and Ashley) think?

Another option would be to have what Amanda's suggesting as a different "sister" channel.

i agree. we should have the same 4 bloggers every week but also add guest bloggers whenever someone comes up with a video they want to post, it could be like an extra for the week. how does that sound?


Welcome to 20SB!






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