So I know that its probably taboo to even mention the "B" word but I just have to ask! I won't lie... a few years ago during my experimental college days a girlfriend and I went to the beauty supply store and got a box of bleach and went home to attack my head. It burned so bad and in the end I was left with a funky brassy blonde color and irrepairably dead hair. Sure when I went out I got a few more stares but I think its more because people saw me and thought "WTF?". Needless to say after a week of torture I went back to brown and have been happily brunette again ever since.
Anyone else have crazy hair meltdowns?

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I would never have the guts. Sometimes I think I'd love a bleach blonde pixie cut, but the truth is I'd never pull it off. I'm half-spanish! It's just not meant to be!
I was blonde for YEARS!! No idea what I was thinking....I HIGHLY doubt I'll ever go back! Because blondes DON'T have more fun!
The Diary of KFun
As a child, I was naturally a dark blonde before my hair began to change to the dark brunette that it is now.

When I was 17 I went to the hairdresser and asked for blonde highlights. I wanted foils, but after a lengthy dispute about what I was talking about, I ended up with hundreds of tiny blonde cap highlights (the hairdresser was obviously inept- I'm not sure how she got "I want cap highlights" out of "I want 2-3 inch skunk stripes in my my lower layers".) which looked hideous and ashy. It completely washed me out and made me look ridiculous. I had it done at the end of the summer just before school started and within 2 weeks of classes, I ended up dying it back to a chocolate brown and then a few weeks later to "natural" black.

Lately I've been throwing around the idea of stripping out the "natural" black that I've had in it since Xmas (before that it was a dark brown-auburn for 3 years. I haven't seen my natural color since I was 17) and going a bright white-platinum all over, but i keep getting put off by it because i know it would be so much upkeep. My hair grows ridiculously fast so I'd be in for root touch ups every 3 weeks! Instead, I'm now considering getting platinum foils when I can afford it.

Nopers. I love my Brown hair. The worst I've done was put golden brown-blonde streaks in my hair and I freaked! My sister tries to tell me "blonde is best!" She dies her hair super white blonde. I love being a brunette. No blonde for me! :D

I considered it after a night of drinking, probably would not have been the best decision. I think I would look like a naked mole rat.


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