Hi college bloggers!

I'm not studying at a "college", but i think the point of this group is being a full-time student.. riiight? good.


I'm doing my MA degree at Aarhus University in Denmark, but soon I'll study at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia! In fall I'm heading to the University of Hamburg, Germany. (I'm doing a joint-Master-Programme).


I study "Journalism, Media and Globalization: The European Perspective". Confusing name, right? I have no idea who came up with that one, but it was nooot me. Seriously!


What do you guys study?



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Majoring in Photography...and maybe one of these days i'll get around to Minoring in Web Design..which is what I originally started out with but...you know I changed my mind..lol.
Majoring in Sociology minoring in Education, going to be a high school social sciences teacher. I was originally majoring in anthropology, but I changed schools and thus my major had to change with it.
Major in Psychology, then I wanted to minor in Spanish...but decided against it.

I'm a Psych and Spanish major!

What year are you?


Have my Associates in Criminal Justice, worked for two years with private police dealing with drunk college students in bars all night, got sick of it, came back 3 years later wanting to work with at risk youth and teenagers. Now studying Human Services with a minor in Sociology and an emphasis on Criminal Justice. Which basically means I'm taking like 3 more CJ classes that I didnt take in tech school.
Oh and I just got a certificate in the mail today stating I made the Dean's List last semester, which I have never done before!

Hey girls!
to erin: the design of ur blog is great! How much time did u need for doing it?? and cute puppies btw!!
here is my puppy: http://respacedgirl.blogspot.com/2010/12/respace-girl-becomes-film-...


i think she's the cutest and most beautiful (but sometimes also most horrible) dog in the world :)

(sorry I changed the topic somehow....)

thanx for ur answers!!!

Thanks! I spent about a week on it...mainly because I couldn't really decide what I wanted it to look like. :) 

Most horrible eh? She's a cutie for sure! :) 

Majoring in psychology! And hope to go to grad school for school counseling!
Nice choice

Majoring in communications and media studies... I want to be a journalist when I grow up!


Me too!


Welcome to 20SB!






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