I have a love/hate relationship with RPGs. I don't always love playing them, but I love talking about them and hearing about the indie gaming industry. Are there any gamers here? What are your favorites?

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The only RPGs I have ever and will ever play are the Elder Scrolls games - specifically Morrowind and Oblivion. Other than that, I really can't stand RPGs.
Hehe, wow, Elder Scrolls... I played TES 2 -- Daggerfall. It was by far their BIGGEST RPG -- it took me about 2 years to finally finish it. It was a monster of a game.

They realised that people didn't want such huge, open-ended games, and so Morrowind and Oblivion followed -- more detail, but slightly less scope. Still great games though!

Anyone that's interested in RPGs should play Baldur's Gate 1 + 2 (and all expansions). And then Planescape: Torment, and perhaps Icewind Dale -- they are all fantastic, and some of the best games ever made!
Baldur's Gate all the way! Best game ever (especially Shadows of Amn). I'm a sucker for basically anything BioWare does, though; in addition to Baldur's Gate, I particularly loved KotOR and Mass Effect.
The 'spiritual successor' to Baldur's Gate is coming out... in 2010 I think. Same kind of thing as Mass Effect, only the Baldur's Gate universe.

Can't wait...!
Dragon Age: Origins is not in the Baldur's Gate universe. It's the "spiritual successor" because it's dark fantasy with a rich world and compelling character development. It would have been out already, I think, if they hadn't bumped back the PC release date so they could release it simultaneously with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in late 2009. Silly consoles.
final fantasy hands down :D
I played Fable II and had a BLAST! I recommend that or Oblivion.
Fable 2 was great; did you play the original?

He (Molyneux) keeps promising the best games ever made... and they're always good, they just never quite fulfil those promises he makes :)
I recently played Fable II and I'm currently playing it through again. :)

RPGs are my favorite. Name one and I've probably tried it or at least heard of it.
I bought Fable 2 on a whim. I never played the original but really enjoyed the second, got really into it and played it loads when I was sick and stuck on the couch anyways. Still never got all 50 gargoyles though...
Hehe. I'm always awful at finishing such games to TOTAL completion. I play the story, then normally stop. I guess some people find the whole collecting thing fun, but for me it's more the joy of the GAME than gotta-catch-em-all :P
Yeah I know what you mean. It now just kinda sits on my shelf waiting for the day when I find myself at total bordem and I may throw it on. More likely though the 3rd instalment will be out by then...


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