I have a love/hate relationship with RPGs. I don't always love playing them, but I love talking about them and hearing about the indie gaming industry. Are there any gamers here? What are your favorites?

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I have to admit I have a huge weakness for RPGs. I will "try" pretty much any RPG and, as we all know, to get a feel for an RPG means putting at least a few hours into it. I can't count how many I've picked up and played ten or so hours just to drop them.

Most recently, I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins

Some of my favorites are Final Fantasy X and VI, Kingdom Hearts (any) and Persona 3 and 4. I'm sure there are a bunch more that I can't think of right now, but oh well.

RPGs might be my favorite game genre...it's so hard to pinpoint just one, though.

I'm currently replaying Dragon Quest VIII on my PS3...for the 3rd time.  I can't get enough of that game!  My boyfriend just laughed and rolled his eyes at me when he saw me playing it again.

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