I'd say Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, Donkey Kong Country, aaaand.... maybe Goldeneye. But I'm a nostalgic sort who's been out of the gaming loop for the last few years and can't fall out of love with the old classics....

What's your opinion? Best game ever?

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Board game wise, you can't go past Monopoly.

Video game wise, I have to agree with the above (or one of their choices)- the hours I spent playing Goldeneye was ridiculous.
I agree on Monopoly. Although I suppose Risk would be a distant second.

As for video games, I would have to say FFVII, Tetris, Rock Band, Call of Duty. Yeah that about covers it. Although I am probably committing blasphemy by saying this but I have never played any of the Metal Gear Solid games or seen them played for that matter.
Love Risk too.
Monopoly's great, but... just remember how many families it has torn apart on Christmas day! How many little brothers it has left limping from aggressive older brothers...

But I can't think of a better board game (check out http://boardgamegeek.com though, if you are into board games... and there are a LOT...)

Video games... ah... Too many awesome ones to choose from. FF7 normally gets the popular vote, as it really was the first 'epic', graphical, musical, awesome RPG on a popular console (the PS1 broke all sorts of records). Goldeneye was awesome too! Most of the Nintendo franchises are awesome, but you can't sit in the past...! Super Mario Galaxy, or Zelda: Twilight Princess are both STUNNING games -- maybe even better than Ocarina of Time...!

Then my personal favourite is probably Portal :)
twilight princess is great but it certainly is NOT better than Ocarina of TIme - are you nuts?!
Sorry, late reply... I thought this thing would email me if someone replied to my discussion!

Ocarina of Time is good, very good. But I'm not one to devote myself entirely to a game because it was awesome at the time. Things change! The sound is better in Twilight Princess, as are the graphics.

But I did say 'maybe' -- OOT still has enough awesome elements that it could be considered a 'better' game... by some purists... :)
Twilight Princess is pretty much the same as OoT. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But they're almost exactly the same game with subtle differences. TP is totally better than OoT anyway. Some of the dungeons in OoT were infuriating rather than fun...
As a kid, I was always partial to Battleship and Connect Four when it came to table/board games. As far as video games are concerned, my tops have to be the simple and original Super Mario Brothers, Contra, GTA San Andreas, the whole Mario Kart franchise, and EA's NHL hockey franchise, circa '93-'98 on SNES and Genesis. Also, the Metal Gear games, from the NES thru the PS3 are awesome. I also have a soft spot for F-Zero, River City Ransom, and any of the Ninja Gaiden games.
I started playing counter-strike back in 2000 and never stopped. So that's my vote hands down.

Other than that ....
Nintendo: Super Mario Bros 3
Sega: NBA Jam and Sonic 2
N64: Mariokart and GoldenEye
Playstation 2: Timesplitters
XBox: Halo 2
yes! someone finally said mario kart :)
super mario!


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