I'd say Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, Donkey Kong Country, aaaand.... maybe Goldeneye. But I'm a nostalgic sort who's been out of the gaming loop for the last few years and can't fall out of love with the old classics....

What's your opinion? Best game ever?

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Which one?!
Hello!!!! In reply to everyone for best gam ever???

Super Mario Bros...Nintendo
Donkey Kong country...SNES
Silent Hill for me....PS/PS2
I can't resist a good rockband party! It's a really great game for get togethers. But I think Tetris is my favorite classic game!
off the top of my head in no particular order...

older video games: MARIO KART 64, super mario bros, super mario 64, donkey kong country
more recent video games: left4dead, rock band
board/card games: bang!, scattegories, scrabble, catch phrase, clue, risk, monopoly (classic, but i hardly ever play it)
My favourite overall has to be Ocarina of Time. I love the entire Zelda series, so much so that I have a triforce tattoo. Mario Kart on the SNES is a close second, its the original and still the best. Third place is taken by Goldeneye, it feels clunky to play now, but its nostalgia value means it keeps its place.
So many to choose from.....

Mario kart (snes) is a top 5 for sure, as is Goldeneye (N64). Man the hours racked up playing those 2 alone is crazy.

Pro evo soccer and Halo have dominated the more recent years and over the last month since my Xbox got the red ring of death I have downloaded Super Mario 3 onto my Wii and rolling back the years, its amazing what I can still remember!
Am I the only one that finds it impossible to make the list smaller than five for best game(s) ever?

I guess Ocarina of Time...But then there's X-Wing...and Tie Fighter...and Grim Fandango...and Full Throttle (maybe it's a Lucasarts thing)...and Fallout2...and Super Mario Bros...and SMB 3...and 1942 Pacific Air War..and...X-Com...and Bionic Commando...and...and...
Perhaps I'm just on a high from just starting it this weekend, but I'm thinking Alan Wake is DEFINITELY in my top 5 games. I wrote a review of it here: http://nesheaholic.blogspot.com/2010/05/alan-wake-game-review.html Others I would include are Left for Dead and Little Big Planet.
So much of people's lists are based on nostalgia! Luckily those older games also happen to be amazing. :)

My top games, in no order, would be: Portal (which I just played two days ago), Super Mario Brothers 3, Mario Kart Wii (my favorite of them all but they were all great), Call of Duty 2, and Tetris!

Being a Mac person I've been out of the modern day computer game market for a while but I've been assured I would love Left4Dead 2 if I tried it. I have recently gotten a 360 though so I may have to pick it up.
Left for Dead 2 is awesome!
Either Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (or Two Thrones) or Lylat Wars (StarFox 64). Simply Awesome.

As for the modern games... Heavy Rain, Uncharted, and Catherine. I love me some survival horror like Dead Space, and the Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but the others really break the mold and adds artistic credibility to the gaming industry.

For nostalgia purposes? Psh, when FFVII came out I was playing a way better RPG game that had more depth and story to it...and it was made by the same developers! Xenogears!!! 


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