I've recently signed up for some hot yoga classes due to an irresistibly cheap deal and some vague idea of improving my health.


However, now that the post-sweet deal high has worn off some, I have some concerns. I've outlined them on my blog, but in short, I'm pretty sure I might be A) Too much of an inflexible wimp, and B) That loathed
person who has to leave the heated room to pee halfway through the class
due to overhydrating and weird neurosis (As soon as I know I'm not
allowed to pee, I totally have to).


So, any advice from 20sb hot yogis?

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I just started doing Hot Yoga a couple weeks ago, and love it. I haven't done any form of regular physical activity for several years now, and had the same concerns, but also worried that the heated room would just be too hot for my body to handle (I'm used to long, cold winters, not humid heat).


A) A lot of hot yoga classes are beginner classes. If you are somewhat fit and follow the instructions, you may surprise yourself. You may not do the postures perfectly (I sure don't) but you may find that because you are heated from the inside out, you will have great elasticity in your joints. I am not a flexible person, but I did a lot better than I thought I would.


B) Pee when you get there, and you shouldn't have to after that. I don't think you can over hydrate before the exercise. I have been to several classes, and no one has ever had to leave the room for any reason. And you sweat a lot. So I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I've done five classes now and I'm hooked!


I found the same things you did. I just pee when I get there and I'm totally fine for the 90 minutes of Bikram I've been doing. I was worried about the heat too and it is quite the contrast coming out afterwards into Canadian winter, but it really does make me much more flexible!

Totally! I am a huge advocate for Bikram now, and conveniently have a certified studio literally around the corner from my condo. So nice! I am excited for the many health benefits, and my husband is excited for my yoga body, haha.

I'm all about the hot yoga. But it takes preparation. You have to be hydrated, well-rested, and fed. It takes planning to endure that a couple times a week.


Seriously, don't just bring the water bottle to class. Carry it around all day. Drink until you're not thirsty, and when you go to the bathroom, drink again.


Well rested is a given, right? If you didn't get a lot of sleep, you will be totally useless after a hot yoga class.


And fed. You should start eating 3 hours before class and be done before 2 hours to go. That way you have time to digest, but all your basic needs are met.


I don't know what to say about the peeing. But don't stop hydrating or you'll have a bigger problem on your hands.

I tried the Bikram hot yoga classes and loved them... except for the fact that the floor smells like sweat and BO. Its sometimes hard to relax when you are lying down on your mat but all your nose can focus on is that smell haha. 


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