Did anybody write a Valentines Day post specifically about marriage/their spouse?

Did anybody write a Valentines Day post specifically about marriage/their spouse?

Was it humorous or serious?  How did you avoid being cheesy or cliche?

There have been plenty of V-day posts about dating that have been advertised in the main forum here at 20sb, but I'd be interested in reading some V-Day posts that specifically address issues surrounding married couples.

In my post, I decided to talk about how my husband and I have each had to make some career changes/sacrifices for each other, and how that has caused some friction, etc.  Check it out: http://laurenaliseschultz.blogspot.com/2011/02/to-my-husband-femini...

I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day -- and keep using the excuse to love on your spouse for the rest of the week.

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I didn't, really (it just got too awkward).


But I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your post! I've been struggling with the same issues lately too (I also blogged about it, but my post wasn't as relationship-oriented as yours).


Looking forward to reading more from you! : ) Thanks for posting this.

You know, I find it hard to write about my marriage/husband in general, because most of the time it would get *too* personal for my husband.  I don't mind sharing pretty personal things about myself on my blog, but I want to respect his privacy and the privacy of our relationship.  So sometimes I think it would get too awkward for me too.


Thankfully, he really liked this post.  I'm glad you enjoyed reading it, too!


I love the banner/layout for your blog, btw!  And the post about applying for architecture jobs.  I have been blogging about that A LOT in the past month or two -- check out some of my other posts, and if you write about your job search a lot, you should consider joining some of the other groups that I'm in on 20sb... like "When Did My Life Become So Adult?" and "Quarterlife Crisis."  That's the kind of stuff we blog about all the time :-D

Thanks Lauren! I'll take a look at those groups. I don't blog about that kind of thing often, but I'm sure I'd love to read others' takes on it.


I don't blog too much about specific issues in our relationship, either, but sometimes I'll end up gushing little love notes to him within some of my posts. & I definitely do blog about funny things he does (I think he secretly enjoys being 'featured'... ha!) : )


Thanks for the feedback on my layout! It was a lot of fun to put together. I'd be tinkering with it nonstop if I had the time... thank goodness I don't, huh? Yours looks snazzy as well, amiga!


That was sweet of you to take the time to write your great comment on my job-search post. I really appreciate the advice : )

I follow this blog that did a link up party for valentine's day. I ended up writing about how we met and included this letter I wrote to my husband on there.

I wrote more about the holiday in general.


Welcome to 20SB!






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