I'm doing the whole wedding planning thing, and man is it a drag! I'm ready to just give up and elope!


How did your planning go? I've heard stories from people who planned their wedding in seven hours, and from those who took a full two years of busy planning to get everything ready. Was your wedding big or small? How much did your groom help out (and did he want to)? What was the hardest part of planning?

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Ours took 2 months to plan. We were going to have a bigger outdoors ceremony. But, we opted to have a civil ceremony. it was perfect for us.
I hated planning my wedding. The hardest part was feeling guilty when I didn't do something my mother wanted. Advice: do what is in the best interest of you and your groom when it comes to everything but the wedding party. When it comes to the wedding party, do what's best for them.


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