Or maybe one or two...?

I live for geeky humor!!


Here are a few of mine:

Consider yourself warned (First post, short)

Fun with anthropomorphizing

Me & my hardcore zombie neurosis


Excited to read some geekery!


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Awesome!  I love some good geekery.  The consensus seems to be that this is my nerdiest post ever:

It happens sometimes when you're a geek...

But I think this one's extremely geeky as well:

My term paper on the Bridge of Khazad-dum

And lest those give the impression that I'm only a Tolkien geek, I'll throw this geeky post in as well:

Top 10 Characters I Want To Be

Wow girl, you totally have me out-geeked!! Fun reads : )

I especially liked your latest one on bee genetics.

Thanks :)  The bee post is all thanks to my college bio professor.  He really loved bees...even though he was allergic to their stings!


I noticed a (stickered) face on a beaker in the lab upstairs, and thought of your anthropomorphizing post, haha.

Thanks! I had studied a bit of Quenya in high school but didn't learn the tengwar until after college. Used to practice writing tengwar when I got really bored at work. A few minutes of diversion to clear my mind, I guess.

Sounds like a fun paper to write :) Sometimes I wish I'd gone into a field where I could write my thesis on something like that.

I wrote that post before playing Mass Effect 2. Plenty of other movies, shows and games have come out since then as well. I wonder what I'd change about my list if I did it over now.

My blogmates and I have a recurring series of posts called "Nerdy on Netflix"


Nerdy on Netflix: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Nerdy on Netflix: Mindwarp and Ponyo



I am pretty nerdy, what with my love for doctor who, batman, star wars, video games in general, etc.

I haven't done too many nerdy posts yet, as my blog is mostly stories/anecdotes, but I've been meaning to get around to some nerdier posts. So, my 'nerdiest posts' arent' too terribly nerdy, but I did combine both a kiddy movie with a video game all in the same post, and you won't get the humor unless you have both seen "The Polar Express" and played the "Mass Effect" videogames. The other one is a lengthy critique of the movie "Splice". Enjoy! :)


"Know-it-all" Kid All Grown Up

What the F*%! Did I Just Watch?!



Conrad Verner!

I saw Splice after reading a couple positive reviews.  It's definitely sci-fi horror, which was my problem with it.  I love sci-fi, especially when it provokes moral dilemmas, but I don't like horror.  For me, the sci-fi and moral dilemma aspects of it weren't interesting enough to compensate for the undesirable horror bits. I kind of wish I could un-see the end. Oh well.

My nerdiest post by far is History Inspired Jewelry where I went through Etsy and found different jewelry that were inspired by the House of Tudor in England. What can I say..I'm a history nerd!
Delete Comment My nerdiest post so far is one in which I discuss at length the reason why Stormtroopers can't shoot well. I also talk about Boba Fett in detail.


I'd have to say all of my posts are nerdy since I completely loved the 90s and am writing the blog in perspective of what I remember as  kid in the 90s. 



My nerdiest post? Well, I'm blogging pretty much exclusively about games, so it can get pretty nerdy all up in here... :D

My one about multiplayer gaming might be pretty nerdy...



its a toss up between "Tron" or "thundercats"....lol


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