Or maybe one or two...?

I live for geeky humor!!


Here are a few of mine:

Consider yourself warned (First post, short)

Fun with anthropomorphizing

Me & my hardcore zombie neurosis


Excited to read some geekery!


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I love finding so many other nerdy bloggers!!!  i'm so excited to read everyone's blog posts.  I try to blog exclusively relating to games/gamers/gaming.  So thast, in general is pretty nerdy.  Lately my personal shit has been eeking in.  I'm currently working on a post that will end up turning into 3 seperate posts about how emotional I get about my games.  Wow.  Maybe I need to take a step back...

Gurl on Girl-Gaming

This is only Star Wars, I was working really hard on this one! I love it! (bth, Star Wars and my post, I mean :D)

 May 4th, Star Wars' Annual Day

I did one about how the upcoming Michael Bay movie invalidates every word in:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Because it does!


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