Hey girls! Thought I would start a couple discussion questions because there hasn't any yet. 


First, what is your favorite memory of sorority life?

And if you're out of school what do you miss most about your sorority?




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I just graduated and there is a lot I miss. I miss living in the sorority house the most, and recruitment because I just love getting new sisters. I actually talk about my sorority in my latest blog check it out :) 


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I think my favorite sorority moments always come during the new member period. I love seeing the NM's grow and learn to love Phi Sigma Sigma as much as I do. :) And as the outgoing Vice President, being an integral part of initiation is fun too. :)

I graduate in May and I'm already dreading leaving my sisters!


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My favorite memory? Too many to count, sisterhood retreats were probably among these, as well as Spirit Week my sophomore year. I graduated a year ago, and I miss the fun, organized, girly activities, but thankfully my local alumnae association is supposed to be starting some stuff up soon!

Having been three years since graduation... I still miss it! My pledge class still tries to get together every so many months , but its hard not having the house to just go to, to hang out. I loved being busy. My favorite memories were the sisterhood events... I alllwwaaayys looked forward to those. Has any one joined alumni groups in their cities?



Living in the house definitely. And I miss the girls...feeling old now :( Great times.

i miss just hanging around the house in the middle of the night trying to do homework and instead ending up chatting with someone until it was too late to be productive. those were always my favorite chi omega memories!

that and formal... duh.

and watching all of my babies become friends when i was new member educator and know that their friendships will last forever. :D



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