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A few weeks ago I was in a rather unpleasant (but ultimately harmless) motorbike accident, involving someone who, in English, I'd call an asshole. (You can read the story here but it's not necessary to understand my questions, which is the following...)

My stay in Indonesian has been absolutely full of wonderful and kind people. I adore the people here, I really do. But sometimes, especially when I am alone or when I am alone at night or when I am having trouble finding an ojek, I have run into some unpleasant men. Sometimes they try to touch me. Sometimes they ask me to have sex with them. Sometimes they do both. Once they ran me over with a motorbike. Anyway, when I asked my coworkers for help, they offered phrases such as"Go away" and "I am very scared."

That's NOT what I want to say. What I want to say is "Get the FUCK away from me!" or "You are a pervert!" or "If you touch me again I will hit you!"

I promise not to use these phrases often and I hope to use them never, but if anyone can help, I would feel a lot safer knowing what to scream besides "Toloooong!" when I find myself in a compromising situation.

Thank you so much! And if you're not from Indonesia, don't let this scare you off. Every country in the world has a few assholes. But not every country as the beauty, the mystery, the kindness, and the loveliness of Indonesia.


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I think the best word you should yelling when u get into that situation again is 'malingggg' (thief). Believe it or not, but when we scream 'maling' people around us usually will come n grouping to the that jerk'person and start hit or kick the person. 99% works..
Agree with Nando, scream "Maling". It's usually the quickest, esp. with a bunch of people around.

Another phrases :

Get Away / get the fuck away = Pergi Sana!
Jauh - jauh lo!

You are a pervert / jerk = bangsat lo!
anjing lo! ( anjing means dog but it's one of the most sharpest thing to curse someone here )

if you touch me again, i will hit you = Lo pegang gue lagi, gue hajar lo!

Those are all conversational words, of course, in slang and pretty harsh. But those people need to be talked to like that. Or punched, really :p

ps. let us know when you visit Jakarta, k? :D
Wow, I wish I could help you. I've been studying bahasa Indonesia for the last four years, but I sure don't know how to say those things! I might need to learn it too. LOL I'm going to Indonesian very soon (by myself!), so thanks for the insight.


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