Hello everyone!  If anyone could give me advice, it would be greatly appreciated.  I'll be traveling to Indonesia soon and I was told to pack "summer clothes." 


I was wondering, what would be appropriate for females to wear?  What parts need to be covered up? Can we wear open toe sandles or shoes that are 3 inches high? 


Thank you so much for your advice!





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Hi Mary, welcome to Indonesia!
since it's very hot here (almost 40 degrees!) probably you need those summer clothes. you can wear anything comfort here; open toe sandals and shoes, but if you want to walk outside, sandals would be best.
anw, which town would you going to?

Hello! Thanks for the response.

I'm going to the Yogyakarta/Salatiga area ... =) They said to bring summer clothes, but at the same time, i'm not suppossed to wear certain clothes I was told because it would be considered rude. Now, i'm trying to figure out what to bring. LOL I bought some conservative looking clothes, but I know it's going to be so hot, so I have no idea how I'm going to survive in pants and long t-shirts. haha Thank you for the advice though! I really appreciate it.
i c that... people in Yogyakarta n Salatiga are a bit conservative about clothes, indeed. as long as you don't wear hot pants outside, it's ok :D
sleeveless top would be very nice for you to wear. and, summer dress? you'll look pretty there! :D

have a nice and safe trip!


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