South East Asia's country famous by its various traditional food, even most of them are spicy,,,so what is your favourite food (the food must originally from SEA)?

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I guess mine has to be Fried Chicken Rice. Or is it the indian Mee Goreng (Fried Noodles)? Or is it the Malay Mee Rebus (bolied noodles??)?.

So will we be determining which country has the right to claim which food? ha.
LOL..which country claim which food,,dont get confused,,just write down as u know,,

well,,my favourite also fried chicken rice with spicy taste, and also rolling-pork from bali,,
Geez. Somay and Batagor are of course, complete favorites.:D
Gado Gado !!!! (mixed of fresh vegetables with peanut spicy sauce) originally Indonesiaaa..
Oh I know more...Indomie Instant Noodle in any kind of flavour..that's my most favorite I guess.
I love, love Hokkien Mee here in Singapore. Nothing can ever beat it for my palate. And dinuguan and adobo from the Philippines, oh my, I'm practically salivating here just thinking of those foods..


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