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Am I an adult yet??

Am I an adult yet??

I think everyone goes through this awkward "not a girl yet not a woman" period where, yes, the government recognizes that you are in fact an adult by law, but in real life, you feel like you are hovering around the mental age of 19.  I think you officially know that you're all grown up when…

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OOTD: A Crazy, Glorious Monday with an Outfit to Match.

I thought I was walking into a calm start to the week, but it was a crazy and glorious day with an outfit to match.  I'm slowly switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring clothes and it's rubbing off on my mood and my overall day for the better.

If you haven't noticed, floral prints are practically on every piece of clothing in stores right now.  Like I have stated before, daisy print is huge this spring.  From floral head pieces, to tiny skater dresses, you will find…


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Pretty in Pastel.

I love how when it shoots up to 50* here (or close to it) people are walking around with no coats on, in shorts like it's the middle of July.  I guess that's what it feels like when it has been in the teens, all the way down to -30 for the past few months.  I was inspired by the warmth and the people super excited for spring to FINALLY be here, so I'm focusing on a trend that seems to make its way back every spring: pastels. I'm not one to wear a lot of color, especially lighter and/or…


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Thoughts on Korean Plastic Surgery

Even though I will never get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons (I've learned to accept my, ever so often, I find myself staying up into the witching hours, searching for documentaries on YouTube and browsing before-and-after photos on  The plastic surgery culture in Korea is just so different than that in the United States.  Learning of how important physical beauty in Korea has been very fascinating.

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Black, White, & Red All Over // Thrifted Fashion

At Christmastime I got my pink jeans (you know the ones in EVERY fashion post). Well they were such a good deal that I got them in black and red as well. I was soooo excited about the red ones, but a little hesitant because they are very bright for a girl who doesn't wear a ton of red. But I finally started making outfits with them and I decidedly love love love them! :)…

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Impressionist Exhibit at the Nelson Atkins // January 2014

So I am the master of posting about things a month or two after they've happened. All the same, this was so fun that I felt it was worth sharing.…

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Happy Birthday KC // 2014

This is KC.
He is the best man in the whole world.…

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A rose by any other name...

I've been on a hiatus, but I'm bringing it back. I'm talking about rose water, kiddies, and it's time you jump on this bandwagon if you have yet to do so.

I was a loyal user my freshman year and lost my way after I started my sophomore year. Maybe it was because I constantly felt dirty in my dorm room and once I moved out I lost interest in the refreshing spritz? There's really no excuse for why I discontinued using rose water, but…


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Jess's Engagement Party // MOH // February 2014


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Crazy 'Bout Cajun // Recipes for Mardi Gras 2014

I don't know about you guys... but I LOVE cajun food! It's so flavorful and diverse! Sometimes too spicy for me... but always tasty! I'm excited to be eating a whole lot more coming up soon! :)…

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Oh Those Gowns! // Red Carpet Favorites Past & Present

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good movie. And there are always so, so many amazing ones nominated for Academy Awards. I also love to appreciate the costumes, musicians and behind-the-scenes people in addition to the incredible actors, actresses, writer & directors. …

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What’s on my iPhone + How I edit my Instagram Pics

My iPhone isn’t particularly amazing but I love it just the same. From the fact that I still have Flappy Birds, to having a million picture editing apps, my iPhone is tailored to me. So I’m excited to show you what I have on it!

Plus, also take a look at how I edit my instagram pictures. It’s all good. So get Afterlight and Instagram started and watch my video!




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Vday & Anniversary Getaway // Saint Louis // February 2014

Vday & Anniversary Getaway // Saint Louis // February 2014

Before you read: KS folks have you…

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Things I Learned In College

As I quickly reach 25 years old I find myself looking back and not realizing how long ago it was that I started college, let alone high school. It has been six years since I started college and with all the reflection I decided to put together a list of 25 things I learned in college and things young women should know as they are preparing for life in general. 

1. You have five seconds to make a first impression; you better make it count…


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Being In An Interracial Relationship In Dixie

If you're new to my blog, I am in an interracial relationship.

Nick is black and I am white, but to be more specific Nick is French and I am Irish but to be even more specific Nick is Texan and I am Alabamian. We are what we are, whether it be blue, pink, purple or orange. We all bleed red, inhale…


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Welcome to Fun and Simple DIY

Build it, bake it, create it. That's our motto!

Fun and Simple DIY is a new website that will share with you delicious recipes, beautiful crafts, and fun projects that you can build from scratch. Forget trying to make that thing you saw on Pinterest, it's too complicated. Instead, pull up a seat at your crafting table and get out your mixing bowls because it's time to take on a project that has 5 steps or less.…


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Superior National Forest

Check out what Fall looks like in Superior National Forest. 

Banjos and Bogs

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Who Am I?

Before you start panicking and think that I’m going to go off on a psychological rant about who I am and what my place is on this Earth…. I’m not going to do that (because well, who knows). I’m talking more about who am I on this blog?

I feel like I come off a bit wishy-washy and my blog posts are all over the place, so no one really gets what’s going on or what I’m about. If you get it, then congratulations. Read…


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January Depression

Between having Netflix marathons of White Collar and desperately trying to come up with more ideas for my story, I have sunk into what I call ‘January Depression’.

This period of time is right after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year when you notice that your trousers are a little tighter than you’d like and all you want to do is stay at home and watch TV because you need to save money. The only times you’ll go out partying is if you hear, “Entry’s free” or “Free drinks all…


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