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The Face

I am in the throes of planning my wedding. The Fi and I have been rushing around securing things like venues, DJs, Cake Artists, Florists and all those other 'big' things that are actually manly enough for the Fi to help in. *sigh* The things he does for his woman. He has been such an incredible help to me during the last three months.

You have to understand this. The Fi is a really manly guy. He… Continue

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It's Too Cold To Take My Pants Off

Holy frigid weather Batman.

The ex texted me last night. "How are you? Staying Warm?"

He knows the answer. Of course I am not staying warm! It is fricken freezing out now. Even snow flurries. Gross.

My thoughts are always as such; If the snow doesn't cover the ground and get me out of work, I want nothing to do with it.

So last night as I was getting ready for bed I realized. It is too damn cold to take my pants off.

Be damned Cosmopolitan writers who… Continue

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The Presence of Wrinkles Has Made Me Rethink Life.

No longer can I look surprised. This facial expression has just become dis-allowed. There is a presence of not one, not two, but three! Wrinkles. On. My. Forehead. ALAS!

Add these to the beginnings of crow-feet on my eyes.... I’m just biding my time before I am a wrinkly saggy woman with a cat on my lap screaming at the neighbourhood kids to stay out of my precious petunias. Oh Lament!

I can see it now... AHK!

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Money Talks

I had a conversation with my money this weekend.

It wasn't too happy with being put into my drawer at home instead of in a bank. So it complained a lot about being squished into my wallet on my way down to North Carolina. My money is really finicky. It likes the roominess of a stable bank account where it can just chill and hang out until it can be really useful.

A nice thought. But not practical. I need that shit to work for me. Start doing push ups or… Continue

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New to this Site

Hello Everyone! I am new to this whole 20 Something Bloggers and really love it! Just learning my way around everything. I currently am writing for 3 blogs for my job (rough life I know) but will occasionally post other interesting things on here! I love everything from fashion, fabulous dining hot spots, really cool events, miscellaneous and random tidbits, etc. I write for a real estate blog and took the challenge to get my real estate license eeeeeek! I am studying right now, so I apologize… Continue

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The Laws of Air Travel = Horrible Travel Experiences

We've been hitting the friendly skies lately, and for better or worse, all of the places we've gone have required upwards of 24 hours inside a plane (forget about the layovers!!). But, strangely enough, our flights have pretty much gone as planned.

My worst travel experience was actually flying from Maine to Memphis, probably 5 years ago. I can't remember which airline we were on, however, I do remember that we have 3 layovers and at each new airport our flight was either delayed or… Continue

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More engines, please

I had every intention of writing this morning, but unfortunately my self-induced waking coma prevented me from making any sort of sense whatsoever and I decided, both for your benefit and mine, to wait until it had somewhat worn off.

I’ve spent much of the last week in various attempts at rescuing my computer after it got a nasty attack of spyware, and decided (reluctantly) to give up and wipe the bloody thing and restart from scratch. I tried burning everything to DVDs with the help… Continue

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ummm, hi!

As is extremely obvious, I'm brand new to 20SB and this is my first post! I sort of feel like the new kid in class who doesn't know how you're supposed to ask for the bathroom pass, so bear with me if I appear to stumble through new beginnings.

You can [kindly] refer to me as 'man.ipu.late', although it's only because I'm inherently too cool for school. I much appreciate the occasional bubble-burst as sometimes the chance to put away my 'fuck me boots' and strap on my Keds proves to… Continue

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I'm a romantic. I admit it, okay? Though I've never seen it in real life, I've believed in the fairy tale, happily ever after and all. My favorite collegiate courses were the intense and idealistic Romanticism in American Lit and Medieval Lit, with its knights and ladies and their courtly love. I have dreams of "Prince Charming" and the stuff of Nicholas Sparks novels. I believe in butterflies and love notes and mid-sentence kisses and holding hands and slow-dancing in the living room after the… Continue

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Rules of the Road

On my way to North Carolina today... oh yeah I forgot to mention that this weekend will be filled with my bestie best friend ever. I drove to see her. I coudln't stand it anymore.

The drive was less than 5 hours, so not too bad. Unless you count the countless idiots on the road. Which is a stupid statement because they cant be counted if they are countless but to try would be enough to frustrate you the way I was.

So to all the people on the road today:

Guy who drove… Continue

Added by Brooke Millard Whittington on November 15, 2008 at 12:00am — No Comments

Google Got It Right

So you know that version of email. I think it's gmail that won't let you send an email unless you do simple arithmetic problems first. Thereby limiting the number of drunk people sending regrettable emails.

Yeah, well I have that function built into my brain.

Only with texts. And I am not even drunk.

Here's the quick back story. The ex (and he is only the ex because I don't date and he is pretty much the only real ex I have) and I were texting back and forth ALL… Continue

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Fireworks and Poppies

So it’s been a pretty eventful little while since I last wrote, but my lack of updating can be attributed to the UBER VIRUSY SPYWARE I picked up when I downloaded an episode of Heroes last week. It was a .rar file whose extraction turned out to be unleashing Pandora’s Box onto my hard drive, redirecting all my web searches to porn sites and closing down every program seconds after I opened it. Luckily though, my dad’s pretty nifty with computers, and whisked it away last night, fixed it all and… Continue

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True Expression

Sometimes I find myself perched precariously on a fence that divides my strong love-hate relationship with the English language. I think I was born with a love of the written word instilled in my heart, an enduring, lifelong relationship whose growth and development is ever marching forward. A relationship which has electrified my senses and stirred my very soul. But this love I find so quickly turns to frustration at the hand of emotion – my partner in life refuses to cooperate when it comes… Continue

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

For some strange reason, alot of people have been coming to me for relationship advice lately. Or at least to vent their relationship woes. An old friend of mine just revealed to me that she just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years who had been abusing her; I've been counseling another friend who broke up with her boyfriend and had an abortion three weeks ago; Even my mom has been talking to me about a male friend of hers who fell in love for the first time at the age 40, and is now dealing… Continue

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Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Holy Shit!Mom? What are you doing here?

OH that's right. There is only one person in this mirror, and it is me. Good trick Mom.

One of my 100 truths is that I am turning into my mother.

Everything I have ever witnessed and made comment to : Like her inability to cut her super gorgeous, super long flowing hair, or anything quirky related to having 3 feet of pin straight long brown hair.Using my hand at the top of my head and flipping it to the side, any sudden… Continue

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I am seriously techno iliterate

I am new to blogging but I love it. But Im seriously lacking in the knowledge of widgets and all that stuff. If anyone has any pointers I would love the advice. I remember when I first started Myspace and I was so clueless on how to do everything.. hahaha and all my friends had to show me how. None of my friends blog, so any input is greatly appreciated... Gracias xoxo

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OMG! There's some critter in the chimney making a lot of noise....and we don't know what to do about it...

any ideas, please hit up the blog (

We'd be eternally grateful!


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Oh No She Di int

Lucky me.

My birthday is in March.

And before St. Patrick's Day and all people claim their 1/3000th Irish heritage and become obliterated beyond belief and forget that conciousness is an option.Thusly missing any other events around that time. Like a birthday.

Lucky me, my birthday is not New Years Day like a co worker of mine who also wakes up to find everyone around her barely out of their "this year is totally going to suck less!" champagne and fake hopes and dream… Continue

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Fall Fabulousness in Cranberry and Chocolate

Most people love the Spring and eagerly look forward to the Summer, but me, I love the Fall. The colors seem so much bolder, the air is so much crisper, and the scents of pine, cinnamon and clove become as common place as those of morning coffee or afternoon tea. Fall is the time of year when all of your… Continue

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DIY Candle Centerpieces

Weddings are expensive enough without factoring in the outrageous price for flowers. If you want to cut costs but maintain the elegance, consider using candles instead of flowers for decorations. Candle centerpieces are a great alternative and easy to put together. We will outline all you need for one of our favorite looks and show you pictures of others that may be of interest:

Check out… Continue

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