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Group Fitness: Taking my workout from "activity" to lifestyle

In life, I believe many decisions at the time they are made are perceived as insignificant and otherwise uneventful but ultimately result in a profound impact on the direction our lives take.
In August of 2011 my search and eventual decision on a new gym, can be described as nothing less.
Switching gyms was easy. I had done it several times in the recent past and when presented with the need for a new work out home, I quickly referred to my standard set…

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Is Birth Control Getting in the Way of Your Fitness Goals?

Choosing the right birth control after having children is a major decision especially if you are not ready or sure you want any more children.  I recently had a discussion with my sister about birth control options, and how some can have an effect on your weight loss and fitness goals.

I am a firm believer that birth control with hormones had a big influence on my weight retention after having my daughter.  I was on the pill.  Which…


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Strong Moms (Literally)

One of the best things you can do as a mommy is to build muscle.  I keep hearing the lady for on the P90X infomercial in my head...“if you want to have a youthful body that defies gravity than don’t be afraid of muscle…”.  But she is right.  I was always slender before I had kids, never really had to watch what I ate or exercise, but that all changed after I had my daughter.  I went from a size 2 to a size 8 which is not bad…


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My First 13.1!

It all started 4 months ago, in this post HERE, when I made the snap decision to sign-up for my first ever half marathon - the Gulf Coast Half Marathon on the Louisiana Northshore.

I started my Sunday morning with a 5:30 wake-up call. Ugh. Woke up, took a quick shower, lathered myself with Body Glide, and laced up! At 6:05 I headed down to Fontainebleau State Park, where the race… Continue

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Scheduling your Workout Everyday

I was finishing up my workout this evening when Chalene Johnson, my trainer said “Make sure you schedule your workouts everyday”. I never really scheduled my workouts in the past. I always had an approximate time when I would workout. I would say “Tomorrow at 6 sounds good” or “I’m going to try at 7 in the morning tomorrow”. But I never really had a specific time that I knew I would workout at.

In reflecting on the same, I realized that its probably because of this bad practice that I…


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Forget '$5 Footlong' introducing the $5 filet!

Four delicious words: Five Dollar Filet Mignon.

That’s right, tonight I enjoyed a filet mignon for $5 at MATCH Back Bay. This is my third time going to MATCH on a Thursday night for Ladies Night (get any entrée for just $5!) and this time the food was not as good as my previous visits. My steak was overdone and a bit dry, but hey for $5 I’ll keep my…


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Here goes nothin'!

I started this week off right. Not that I organized the Boston Marathon, or that I ran in it or anything. I wasn’t even able to go watch (hey, someone has to bring home the bacon! I had work…) But I did read about it – and through reading different stories I felt the inspiration, the motivation, the hard…


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The 'Best Effort' Award

The ‘Best Effort’ Award

April 18, 2010 · Leave a Comment

I gave myself an award this weekend. In the ‘Running Category’ I received the ‘Best Effort’ award (hey, you gotta do what you…


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Who YOU callin' immature?

Got home, parked my car. Opened up the driver’s side door – which squeaks so bad/sounds like its going to fall right off its hinges – to get out. I get out only to hear laughing on the otherwise quiet street. Look to see who is laughing and it’s a group of four Andover Prep kids staring at me and my precious car,…


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Bunyons, fungus, athlete's foot, hammer toes? SEXY.

Tonight Meg and I attended an event hosted by Merrimack College (on campus) along with Fitness Magazine as well as Saints Women’s Medical Center for Health and Wellness. It was great! Upon entering, they had some delicious food set up – some spinach and ricotta flat breads, a penne dish and coconut crusted

chicken as well as red or white wine. There were tables set up from

local health based businesses…


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Let's get it together Biden

They are giving away free burritos at Boloco (Harvard Square) today from 11am-8pm. Praise the Good Lord! I’m going to grab mine in just a few…

Can not wait, they are so 150% delicious.

Ok, so I know some people are über excited about the new heath care reform bill, but dropping the f*bomb excited? In front of the world? In your ‘proper’ suit? Standing next to the President? Let me give you some etiquette 101 –…


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BAAAAAAAH! Why I felt the need to write "bah" as though I were I sheep is beyond me, but it is Wednesday morning and I am too tired to be at work. Well no, not really. I'm surprised at myself actually. It's the end of the year and for those in college it either means you're officially done with classes and have gone home, or are still awaiting the end of finals to go home next week-- GOOD LUCK! Well, one of my friends is back home from Buffalo and… Continue

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