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Ain't Your Average Bird

So I had me a little fun yesterday giggling about certain guys and their peacocking ways. To add to the list: flashy belt-buckles, talking endlessly about your top-notch alma mater, bragging about how many times you go to the gym, and listing all the “incredible” concerts you’ve seen or bands you loved before they were famous…all peacocking. But as promised, we’re going to take it to a…


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What Time's the Charm?

You always remember your first love. I know that I will. But if you somehow got your hands on my many-volumed diary, you probably wouldn’t immediately know who my first love was. Or you might think you did, but you’d be wrong. Because despite the number of relationships I’d been in before, the crushes, and even the times I said those words, I know I’ve only been in love once. I mean really in love. Not “I love you so bad it hurts”. Not, “losing you would be like losing an arm” love.…


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Procrastinating My Prince

I’ve often been asked—on this blog and Twitter, by friends and family, at bars by utter strangers—why are you still single? In the mind of the asker, it’s usually meant as a strange kind of compliment. The implication is “damn girl, you so fine/sweet/smart/sexy/etc. why you ain’t got a man?” (at least, that’s how it translates in my head, though most people I talk to aren’t that ghetto). Of course, there’s also a slight underpinning of “what’s the catch?” especially from potential suitors.… Continue

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