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Rosy in Glass

The thing with change is that while sometimes it’s earth-shattering, for the most part it’s only a mini shift. It’s a change in perspective, a tiny adaptation like closing one eye and opening the other. Things look a little different, but the world is still the same. It’s like when someone you love dies and part of you expects the world to stop cold, because you feel stopped cold. The earth should rear up and weep over your lost loved one because they deserve to be mourned that way.…


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In a New York Minute

It always amazes me how quickly things can change. In an instant, you can go from happily single, independent, don’t-need-a-man, to oh my gosh, do you think he likes me? you can decide that everything you’ve been doing up to this point is wrong, wrong, wrong. In a minute, you can slip from the confining tunnels of an underground world into the lights, rush, and sparkle of the greatest city in the world. And in a minute, you can go from comfortably lazy, waiting for your moment to come, to… Continue

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Cat's Not-So-City Life

Hey, you know that chick that used to hang out here sometimes? You know, the snarky one with the animal name. What was it…Cat? That’s right! Whatever happened to her? I heard she got kidnapped by mole people and lives in the sewers. Actually, I’m pretty sure she was the only one take in the failed rapture last week.


Okay, so maybe the actual story is way less interesting than that, but can’t a girl take a little artistic license? Isn’t that what a blog is for? Like…


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Where Have You Been All My Life?

Every single New Yorker has their strategies, the little tips and tricks to lure in the opposite sex. Whether it’s a look, a well-practiced line, or a lucky outfit, we all have that thing to help us feel comfortable in the approach. But the real conidence-builder is understanding that the worst thing that can happen is that your prey turns you down. They’re taken, play for the other team, or are just not interested. And if you’re strong enough to take a deep breath and say, “onto the next one,”… Continue

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Fake it 'Til You Make It

One of the (many) things I love about this city is its infinite possibilities for overcoming your fears. Stage fright? Maybe some karaoke will cure what ails you. Afraid of heights? Do a little rock climbing—it works wonders, trust me! For me, it’s a sometimes heavy case of social anxiety that holds me back. However if you’ve ever met me, you’re probably cracking up at this or flat out… Continue

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Hey Soul Sister

Some people come to New York to find love. And for some, New York is love. The city is a lot like a lover; sometimes fickle, always dazzling, and demands your admiration even when she’s having a little work done. But I was never in love with New York. You don’t believe me right? I of the SATC love, the touristy gushing, and the Fifth Avenue drool...I am not in love? The lady doth protest too much. Cross my heart, and hope that the perfect pair of Loubies fall at my feet, but it’s…


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Here in the Hereness

Every once in awhile, you have to stop, look at yourself in the mirror and ask, Why am I doing this? Maybe it’s realizing that the relationship that once made you giggle and grin is now just a holding pattern you stay in out of convenience or fear. Or it might be the day that you snap at work and realize you can’t take it anymore. I have a lot of those days. I think it might have something to do with my “act first, think later” personality (it’s just more fun that way!).…


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Wake Me Up When Winter Ends

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about New York being the city that never sleeps or the fashion capital or any of that. None of that seems to apply in the winter. Because once the holidays are over, there’s no real reason to pretend you like the season anymore. The problem with winter in New York is that once the tree comes down, the ball has dropped, and you’re weighing the holiday food damage, all you’re left with is cold. And I hate the cold. Blame my West Indian roots or my… Continue

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The Official Sport of NYC

Never get between a New Yorker and his sports. Whether it’s the Yankees or Mets, Giants or Jets, Islanders, Rangers, Knicks, or Nets, we take it very seriously. I’m not going to alienate half my readership by telling you who my teams are, but if we ever meet in person, you will know. And though we may disagree with our fellow New Yorkers about which team is best, there is one sport that we can all agree on: people watching. That’s right, I said people watching. Don’t ever try to… Continue

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