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Smile and Be Happy Monday: New York City (The Brighter Side)

In my room I have a New York plaque hanging above my desk. I have it set high up so that whenever I feel discouraged and hopeless, all I have to do is look up at the reminder of my dreams, my goals, and where I want to be. …


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Heavy on Fashion Talks to Daniel Dunt of TS New York

Hey all my fashion divas and gurus! I am happy to interview a great blogger Daniel Dunt of That's So New York.  That’s so New York talks about great activities and trends of the fashion world and emerging creative designers. Lets get to know more about That's so New York and Daniel Dunt! Check out the entire interview at …


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I Can Finally Fa La La La La!

It's finally Friday and I'm so excited! This week has been incredibly busy with school work and things I had to get done. I have one more assignment before the winter break. I can't wait. Words can't express how excited I am to do nothing. Not that I ever end up doing nothing but I can't wait to do whatever I please.

This weekend, I have a checklist of things to do like figuring out the holiday plans and doing school work, you know, the typical get-it-done-on-a-weekend checklist,…


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Storm Yoga

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Off the Suburban Stage

On a recent venture into my beloved city from the out of town digs I’ve been exiled to, I found myself in one of those über fancy Madison Avenue banks where men still wear suits to work and women are kicking at the glass ceiling with all their might. Being that I was there for something decidedly non-business related and planned to wander around my favorite spots for the rest of the day, I wasn’t exactly dressed to the nines. No sexy pencil skirt, no sky-high heels, and only the barest hint…


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The Return

Yesterday, I spent 12 hours on a train after getting zero hours of sleep. Not for a lack of trying, of course. Instead, I stared out of the 24th Street window and timed the taxis, but I digress.
I was dropped off by my kind, if not a bit hasty, taxi driver who asked me three times if I was sure I could handle my bags. I dodged the plethora of homeless sitting in the station, checked my bag, and sat down. It was just before 6 and my train didn't leave 'til 5 after 7.

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Always, Always Will

"You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away."


Sometimes it takes an outsider to give you perspective on a situational problem. Sometimes, that person is you.


In the middle of the trip, somewhere between walking in Central Park and laughing over drinks, I realized that NYC will always be my dream. I will always feel at home there. I will always feel an undeniable pull back to the city lights. I will eventually and…


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Last Day in the City

I'm gonna try to enjoy it fully, but I'm gonna be honest: I AM EXHAUSTED!


Yesterday was another day of Astoria adventures. I had so much fun listening to the three people beside me in the bagel shop talk politics. Stephanie and I headed out pretty late to grab dinner. We walked around in the chilly weather for an obscene amount of time for people with hungry stomachs, and finally ended up at a bar a block away from her house.…

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Checking In

Monday: Manhattan exploration from the Barnes and Noble in Union Square all the way into Central Park and out again. I don't find a single sight I don't love. I see the Empire State Building which is actually not an atrocious skyscraper as I have been led to believe. There's art deco design on there you never see in movies. Lying bastards.



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Knew Yourk Citee

Today I'm gonna sit on a train for hours on end. I'm gonna go to New York City.

gonna go on some hopeful interviews and I'm gonna do a couple of photo shoots. I'm gonna explore the city, see new and old friends, and try to really achieve success doing this whole grown-up thing.

Even if the city rejects me and asks me never to return, I'm gonna make it somewhere. There's just no other option.

I'll try to keep the daily…


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Fashion Week in My Backyard

They walk around teetering on stilts. Faces painted with a layer of elaborate make up. Their garb dazzling with sequins, metallic, or jewels that will twinkle under the bright lights. Those who are furry, fur is in this season, look ready to jump through hoops. A car pulls up and an awkwardly proportioned, wacky dressed gaggle piles out.

When the Big Apple Circus comes to town, it sets up camp a mere two blocks from my apartment. Walking home past the big top, some nights I would…


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Stand-up Sellers and Seducers

The pests of New York City are notorious. Sewer rats, pigeons (“flying rats”), squirrels (“rats with cuter outfits”), bed bugs, cockroaches,  and the guys who sell comedy tickets in Times Square.

Like bed bugs in a street curb sofa, they infest the area, preying on all those they come in contact with. A walk on Broadway from 42nd to 50th guarantees multiple accostings:  “Do you like stand up comedy?” “Want to part of a taping of a live show?” “What are you doing tonight?” At best they…


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I Want it All

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now

I have belted out this line from Queen’s amazing song, “I Want it All” more times than I can count. Hairbrush microphone in hand, I’ve rocked out like Freddy Mercury, feeling like I was on top of the world. But if you think about it, that line represents the way a lot of us live our lives, especially those of us in this city that I…


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Introducing Cat

You know that girl who whisks along the sidewalk in her four inch stilettos, wind in the hair, outfit immaculately put together, and not a single misstep? That’s not me. I’m more likely the girl who smacks into that girl, spilling my coffee over my beat up Chucks and apologizes profusely to that girl’s retreating back. I am the one who wanders through Chelsea with her head tilted back to stare up at the amazing architecture, completely forgetting that I look like a tourist. I wear… Continue

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What's the big deal?

Frank Sinatra wanted to be a part of it, while Alicia Keys asked us to put one hand in the air for it. In case you haven't guessed where I'm talking about, it is, of course, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps - New York, New York. So good they named it twice!… Continue

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Juncture Magazine @ NYFW

Juncture Magazine ihttp://www.juncturemag.coms hitting New York Fashion Week pretty hard, and is bringing a pretty awesome coverage of the menswear portion of the bi-annual NYC fashion fanfare~ :)

:) On another note, Perry Ellis late today! And J. Sabatino. WOOT!

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This Chicago Foodie went to the Hamptons…

I always hate when people refer to it as ‘The Hamptons’ but like it or not, this place that I’ve grown up going to is known simply as that. My mom was raised in East Hampton, so our family would get in the car

every summer, drive east and spend upwards of three to four weeks with

family on eastern Long Island. I always considered myself more of the

“townie” population than the riche…


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No Phone Zone

You see your phone lighting up. You hear the beep. Your ringtone is going on and on and on… You pick it up, read the text, and have to slam on your brakes because you just looked up from your phone and it’s a red light. You almost just crashed into the car in front of you. Your heart is racing, you start sweating and you think ‘Phew! That was a close call.’

Your thought…


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Attention reality starts: Please don't record music!

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