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With Arms Open

There’s an old superstition that to have a good sex life, your bed shouldn’t be pushed up against the wall. The idea behind it is that if only one person can climb into your bed (because only one side is open) then there’s only ever going to be one person in your bed. You’re also not supposed to have the foot of your bed facing the door because that’s how they carry you out when you die, but that’s another superstition entirely. Now, my bed happens to be firmly wedged into the far corner of…


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The Courage to Be Curious

Last night, in the final session of my favorite class of the semester, my professor broke out the champagne to celebrate our time together (I know, grad school rocks). And as we sipped our bubbly from paper coffee cups, she proposed a toast. Not to our bright futures, to the semester ending, or even to the time we spent together, but to two things, two words actually: courage and curiosity. Courage to push boundaries, curiosity to explore what is unknown. The courage to be curious.…


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Rosy in Glass

The thing with change is that while sometimes it’s earth-shattering, for the most part it’s only a mini shift. It’s a change in perspective, a tiny adaptation like closing one eye and opening the other. Things look a little different, but the world is still the same. It’s like when someone you love dies and part of you expects the world to stop cold, because you feel stopped cold. The earth should rear up and weep over your lost loved one because they deserve to be mourned that way.…


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In a New York Minute

It always amazes me how quickly things can change. In an instant, you can go from happily single, independent, don’t-need-a-man, to oh my gosh, do you think he likes me? you can decide that everything you’ve been doing up to this point is wrong, wrong, wrong. In a minute, you can slip from the confining tunnels of an underground world into the lights, rush, and sparkle of the greatest city in the world. And in a minute, you can go from comfortably lazy, waiting for your moment to come, to… Continue

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Who I Was is Not Who I Am

Yesterday, on the way to work, I ran into an old friend that I hadn’t seen since high school. It turns out that our offices are in the same neighborhood and we take almost identical routes to work. We quickly got to catching up: what we had been up to, what happened to people we knew, and what was going on in our careers. It didn’t take me long to realize how much both of us had changed. There wasn’t anything specific I could put my finger on. Sure, she had a serious boyfriend though she hadn’t… Continue

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