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I am so incredibly private its not even funny.

I never actually understood what the purpose of a blog was and how to use one effectively. My thinking was that a blog provided people with something useful and/or practical.

I am learning now though, that most blogging is typically just “random rantings.”

Random rantings, although they seem like they would be much easier to produce than thought out, researched, informative blogs, are actually a hundred times harder for me to write than the latter.

That seems backwards…


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My Quarterlife Crisis

I will be the first to admit I went through a Quarter-life Crisis. My “crisis” happened early (at age 19).

I was going to Syracuse University for Fashion Design. It was my first year away from my family and friends. I was away from the guy I had dated for almost 4 years. I was no longer playing sports, and therefore I was no longer exercising. I started drinking (like a normal college kid)  and staying out late. My whole life felt out of control.

At age 19, I… Continue

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Where my story first began

I can't say that this was an easy post to write and tears rolled down my cheeks as my fingers typed the words my mouth couldn't speak but I hope you 'enjoy' the glimpse into my world.  Read it here

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Kashmir: The Troubled Frontier

Yesterday, I read a news article about the ongoing debate whether the Kashmir is an integral part of India or not. A noted novelist had made a comment saying Kashmir was never a part of India and now it’s the right time for Indian government to liberate it. This post contains mine observation regarding the mention topic.

Britishers brought in with them a centralized form of governance. They united all big and small princely states under one umbrella; in simple language they unified…


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Cure#3: So You Think You Have Anxiety

The room is completely empty except a very jowly woman readying her presentation. Empty chairs surround the circular table where other people…


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The Cure#1: Heart and Mind

It’s my first year of university.

My body is slung over the railing that runs up and down Middle Bay, the residence building that I live in at King’s College, looking down at a spot that has been littered with vomit by very wealthy people for several generations.

Breathing is difficult and not just because I’m laughing hysterically.

Two friends watch me from a few steps up also laughing.

I’m laughing because I think I am going to die.

They are laughing because… Continue

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Permission to Panic

At the age of 25, I had a nervous breakdown.…


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My Sister Leaves The Colony

We are on our way back from family dinner in my sister Emily’s car. Her financee Greg is in the front seat, trying to find “America Fuck Yeah” on a cd of…


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Heroism of the Happiest Homeless Man

In this world, there are those fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon lovingly inserted between their tit trap teeth. Our hero was born in a trashcan and always treasured every moment in his very strange life.

On the night he was born, as stars sparkled in the distance, as motel six customers paid their rental fees and had their secret rendezvous, a child with big brown eyes and chipped teeth opened his eyes for his first glance at the people who brought him into this world—as… Continue

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Dad I need 700 dollars to pay off this pimp or else....

My friend, “John”, fumbles in his pockets, desperately looking for change. He knows he has a quarter, or a dime and it just keeps slipping out of his hands. His haste is not helped by the two goons standing behind him, who refuse to laugh at his jokes no matter how humorously he phrases them.

Found it.

A nickel.


He turns and anxiously asks, “One of you guys wouldn’t happen to have a quarter, would ya? My cell phone is completely out of minutes and I spent all my… Continue

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Employee of the Month: Shit on his face

It takes a millisecond for this to register, and during that millisecond, Garth Brooks sings to him about his friends in low places. Herman wonders what has just happened and why everyone is laughing.

The millisecond passes, the smell hits his nose, and he pukes his guts out Stand By Me style. Mr. Brooks continues, telling him that he’s not too “big on social graces…” as the ground is soaked in bile.

Herman Dagwood is 17 and working the worst job of his life.

At five in the… Continue

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The Cure

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Call Center Hell#4: The Final Five

In the winter of 2007 my time was split between the call center and playing open mics with a polyamorous anarchist with a penchant for self-promotion. During the day I would sell phone sets. During the evenings I would hock blind eyed idealism.

At work I spent my time with “Jason”. Jason was the son of Korean immigrants. He worked at the call center during the day and Walmart at night. He was a handsome man, slightly taller than a Brownie from Willow and slightly louder than Jackie on That… Continue

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Social Media Masturbation and My Rap Album Gets Reviewed in Japan!

It’s unfortunate that masturbation is so focused on self indulgent pleasure rather than something more altruistic. I wish we could masturbate for world peace, for…


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The 20- Something Conundrum

I went to a party last night and everyone was talking about the same thing: this quarterlife crisis, this need to feel established but not wanting to commit to anything fully to do so. Why is that?

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Calling All Rock Stars!

You’re awesome - I know it, you know it, and your best friend knows it. But I want the whole world to know it. If you’re a 20 or 30-something year old who is totally living out loud then I want to

feature you on Polka Dot Coaching. This blog’s main

purpose is to help young women conquer their quarter life crisis &

unleash their inner rock stars so naturally I want to…


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Things I learned at 29: How to be extraordinary (and h ow to be a coat rack.)

I learned something about being extraordinary and now I have to tell you. I learned it from a coat rack.

We're moving in three weeks.

We're leaving our quaint and trendy little neighborhood - Roncesvalles Village, home of the Cherry Bomb and Revue Theatre - to move 10 minutes away to a neighborhood we…


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Are You Having a Quarter Life Crisis?

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger – but recognize the opportunity. -Richard M. Nixon

When I turned 24 I…


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Working for the Weekend

I have happened upon an intriguing new job trend/idea. I read about this recently (can't remember where) and saw it mentioned again today on Gala Darling's blog, and it's something that got ye olde creeky wheels inside my head…


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