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A little late?

(Just posted this over at my blog on wordpress.)

I just realized I forgot to share the pictures I took of my awesome teriyaki chicken making-ness. I said I was going to and then I didn't. Bad me!

Well, I don't know if anyone cares, but it was amazing to me to see the transformation of some random liquid ingredients into teriyaki sauce. CRAZY! Anywho, I'm not going to bore you with ALL of the details (although I took a…


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Zuurkool Stampot - a great winter dish from Holland

I got this recipe from a friend. My husband and I just tried it last night and it was so delicious, I had to share it immediately! Below are recipes both in Dutch and English. The thought of apricots in the dish made my husband cringe, so we did without. I did, however, add some raisins to my portion, which really added tremendous flavor. It's fast, easy, filling and heerlijk!…


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FFF Diva Video Research: "Mouth Revolution"

To Get the Facts & Take Action, go to:

Again another reminder why it's important to KNOW what's in your food and what's going into YOUR mouth! QUALITY REAL FOOD NOW!

Viva Mouth-ulicion!,

FFF Diva… Continue

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FFF Diva Video Research: "Grocery Store Wars"

Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Source: Free Range films (creativity with a conscious):

I thought this was a neat reminder as to why it's important where you know where your food is coming from. It's great to lose weight & be healthier, but not at the cost of eating foods that are not the best for you… Continue

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Super-Sized Culture

Earlier this week, I pondered the reasons why the US - a country obsessed with dieting and low fat/sugar/calorie products - is plagued by the obesity epidemic yet in Holland, where diets and diet products are comparitively non-existant, people remain so slim.

The most obvious solution is the amount of cycling the Dutch do. But, a few days ago, when I visited the Burger King at Utrecht Centraal Station for a quick refreshment, I figured out the real deal. When I got to the counter, I… Continue

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Dutch Women Don't Get Fat Either

As an American with a wide cultural background and lots of traveling and living abroad experience, I have always been amazed at how much rich foods European men and women eat and yet remain so slim. Moving to the Netherlands and adapting the lifestyle here answered my question: Lifestyle.…


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So now I have another blog, apparently.

I'm feeling the pressure. You know what I mean?

Are these supposed to be as lengthy as the ones on my regular blog? Am I allowed to use horrifically dirty words and talk about anal sex? Is there a ceiling for "fuck" usage? Is your mom feeling sore this morning?

Maybe my blog girlfriend, Becky, can fill me in on the do's and don't's of 20SB. Until then, I'll just feel it up out.

I've never been… Continue

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Greek food in Houston: my latest obsession, loukoumades

I think I've already gone on and on about my love of Greek food. In this post, I shall continue on...

Niko Niko's in Montrose (2520 Montrose Boulevard) makes my list for go-to Greek in the Houston area. The food is good, but that's not why you go. Niko Niko's is all about the loukoumades. The complication of it's spelling is completely forgiven once you taste these little fried nuggets of heavenly honey and sugar.

Plus, Guy Fieri (think spikey hair and sunglasses on the… Continue

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Their Day Will Come....

In an article published on the Global Postlast week, America was listed as the 3rd fattest country in the world, followed by Germany in a close 4th. France was nowhere to be seen on this list. Yet just a few weeks ago, women everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that French women DO, in fact, get fat and are… Continue

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A Whole Lot of Nothing

Click, click.…

Cheesecake Text

OCD neighbour


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My Quest for Asian Food Delivery

My quest for an Asian restaurant in Portland, Ore. that delivers can be summed up as,

#PDX #fail

Yeah. I learned long, long ago that Asian restaurants in Portland simply don’t make house deliveries. A small handful have take-out service (call up to order, pick it up when it’s ready) but that just doesn’t quite cut it.

There was one time when I managed to convince the only Chinese restaurant that deliveredto venture out of their delivery area coverage. It was… Continue

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Photo Update on Life

Several days ago, I wrote Updates on Life and I just finally got around to uploading the photos that should've accompanied that post. Better late than never, right?

On the way to Tillamook Cheese Factory and the campgrounds, we had lunch at a steakhouse. Free peanuts, beer served in mason jars, and delicious burgers.…


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A Family, A Fair

The people in my family love a good fair and today's Columbus Dispatch quoted my aunts and uncle in an article about their visit to the Ohio State Fair. My aunt Joy made the lead of the story while by aunt Crystal, who was on her first visit to the fair, rounded out the end. My uncle Steve, in this snippet, demonstrated the eating habits… Continue

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Yesterday: Bikram Yoga + Delicious Ramen

I experienced two “bests” yesterday: the best bikram yoga class I’ve had since I started last week and the best ramen I’ve probably ever had. I guess it was a good day for working out and eating.

Yesterday’s bikram class was the first one where I didn’t sit out on any of the poses or think to myself, ‘How much longer do I have?!’ I did all 26 poses rather well and felt very peaceful despite being in a 105 degree room for 90 minutes. I was surprised by how much easier some poses had… Continue

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Here Comes the Bachelorette

'Tis the season to get married and last night I helped my beautiful friend Stef celebrate her final week as a single lady. She and her girls went out for an amazing Sushi dinner at… Continue

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Best Bar In D.C.

Yesterday evening, a friend and I went to our favorite bar/restaurant for Happy Hour and dinner. The place is called Penn Quarter Sports Tavern and yes, is located in Penn Quarter on Indiana Avenue near 7th Street, NW DC. This place is amazing for a number of reasons, and wins a glowing review on my blog. Seriously, guys, you should all go here. Where do I… Continue

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D.C.'s Own Food

I've been thinking a lot about a previous post of mine, in which I discussed which foods are unique to certain cities, and I just can not come up with a food that is unique to Washington, D.C.

When you think of foods in relation to cities, some are obvious:

Chicago ---> Chili

New York City ---> Hot Dogs, Cheesecake, etc.

Philadelphia ---> Cheesesteak

Dallas ---> BBQ Beef

Boston ---> Baked Beans, Clam… Continue

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I've deleted two posts so far. I'm failing here.

I got distracted. I was reading something on about being fat in the south.

And I just got distracted again. Could I be ADD? God, I hope not. That's a disastrous thought.

Right now, I'm thinking that I never did the dishes like I was supposed to, and I have no clean aprons for Starbucks, and I have to be at work at 7am. And my cats are being sweetly rowdy, and Sophie has discovered sugar, and I'm in for it.… Continue

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Asian-Inspired Salad

Last night for dinner I made a very successful and delicious salad. I had also for some reason, been craving a salad, so that helped make it taste better. The recipe:

– Around half of a bagged salad of Romaine lettuce with diced cabbage and carrots

– 1/3 sliced pepper (I used an orange one, but a yellow or red pepper could also work)

– a few handfuls of peanuts

– around 8 cooked (and chilled) shrimp, cut into small pieces

– Ginger Vinagrette salad… Continue

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"Adult Day"

Yesterday was a major turning point in my transition to independent living and gradual "adulthood."

Although I woke up late, I managed to figure out the fuse box in my parents' house, since the power had inexplicable gone out over the night. After leaving the house around 3 PM, I spent the whole afternoon and early evening with my friend going mattress shopping.

We went to three mattress stores, before I finally settled on the bed I was going to buy. Let me tell you, bed… Continue

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