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Falling Into Place

“They” say it takes ten years living in NYC to become an official New Yorker. If that’s truly the case (and all those years living in the state of NY and not the city don’t count), then I have exactly nine years to go before I can wear that badge. Except I can’t actually see myself living here that long. If I’m honest, I can’t really imagine living in any one place for that long, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I have a hard time imagining…


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Under the Magnolia Tree

I rubbed my forehead with the back of my wrist and squinted at the clock. Five o’clock…in the morning. Five o’clock in the morning and I was awake. More importantly, five o’clock in the morning and I was not only awake, but shoving a fully-laden bookshelf across the floor. Yeah, my neighbors love me. It wasn’t just my inability to readjust to the NYC time zone that had me awake and moving furniture at such an ungodly hour. Ever since getting back, everything felt wrong. The weather is weird…


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The Story Can Begin Again

Once upon a time, there was a girl who moved to the greatest city in the world. It was her dream to live there, to soak up the vibe of this fast-paced cultural mecca. For awhile, the bright lights and dramatic lifestyle had her enthralled. She felt the city’s voice whispering in her ears, its style and dash pounding in her veins. She loved it, and for the most part it loved her back. But as with any relationship, things eventually got stale. The voice that had called her there no longer held…


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With Arms Open

There’s an old superstition that to have a good sex life, your bed shouldn’t be pushed up against the wall. The idea behind it is that if only one person can climb into your bed (because only one side is open) then there’s only ever going to be one person in your bed. You’re also not supposed to have the foot of your bed facing the door because that’s how they carry you out when you die, but that’s another superstition entirely. Now, my bed happens to be firmly wedged into the far corner of…


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Trespasser Alert

I collapsed into my bed, grateful for its warm, comforting embrace. It was a fun night to be sure, but long, and the sight of my refuge was like falling into the arms of a lover. But just as I wrapped the covers around me and made sure the curtains were shut tight, it hit me: something was wrong. No, not wrong…just different. I was exhausted and didn’t particularly want to sit up trying to figure out what was off, but peace and sleep wouldn’t be mine until I knew what it was. And then it hit…


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The Silence of These Walls

I’m sitting on the couch in my tiny “living room” surveying my itty bitty domain. The sun pours through the window, tricking me into hoping it’s not as cold as my Blackberry’s weather app tells me. It’s a pretty basic room: white walls, high ceilings, wood floor. The only furniture that actually belongs to me is the futon I’m perched on. Everything else is a jumble of hand-me-downs and family heirlooms given to my roommate by what I like to imagine is a clan of sweet Southern ladies. I…


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Click Your Heels Three Times

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. Dorothy was right of course and as you read this, I am headed back to my own little home in the heart of the city. It might be a 747 instead of ruby slippers that are taking me home, but it still seems just as magical. For all of 2011’s ups and downs, there is one thing for which I know I’m incredibly lucky, and that’s the city I call home. Young women all over the country, all over the worldreally, come to NYC hoping to make…


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Until I See You Again

As I struggled with my bulky luggage and the precious box of baklava I promised to bring home, all I thought about was getting on the train in one piece and with at least some of my dignity in tact. It didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t see my little apartment in NYC until next year. Sure, that’s only about a week and a half away, but that’s still the longest I’ve ever been away since moving into its vaulted ceilinged, pre-war slice of magic. It’s still not quite home in the sense of…


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