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I Do, I Do, I Don't

I know I shouldn’t have done it. Nothing good could come of it. But come on, just one little peek couldn’t do any harm could it? The answer is yes, always yes. What am I talking about? Facebook, of course. Everyone knows you shouldn’t check Facebook unless you’re totally, one hundred percent happy with your current position in life because guaranteed, someone will pop up on there with their bright, shiny life and put you to shame. They will make you question your current situation and…


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Little Girls in the Dark

I like to make fun of myself. I like keeping things light and superficial and laughing in the darkness. That’s why when friends are down and crying and broken, I give them a hug and make a joke to get them laughing again. It’s also why when things are tough for me, too tough for an easy joke, I tend to fade into the background. Sometimes the dancing monkey falls out of step and the clown…well I actually hate clowns so let’s not go there.

Atlanta was not what I had hoped for. And it’s…


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Pursuing Happiness

It’s a well-worn tradition among single women to celebrate the Fourth of July as our own personal Independence Day. Last year, in my infinite single gal wisdom, I wrote a toast to the things I love about being independent, about being the only person who has a say in how my life is lived. And to a certain extent, they’re still true. I still dance around my apartment to my…


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Cynics Reborn

Sadly, this seems to be another year of losing great, inspiring people. Whitney, Etta James, Ray Bradbury, Donna Summer, Adam Yauch. It seems like the more you think about it, the more there are. And with the death of Nora Ephron on Tuesday, the world lost a woman who loved to teach us about love. Also safety violations at factories and how French cuisine can change your life, but mostly love. This is the woman that knew long before many others that men and women can’t really be “just…


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How I Met Your Father

I spent the majority of yesterday curled up on the couch with the lights off watching Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother. Which by the way, I don’t know how I went this long without being obsessed with this show. Um hello? Neil Patrick Harris! Curtains closed, volume turned down low, I held perfectly still to keep my head from crashing through the front of my skull and my stomach from…well, I don’t even want to think about that. Yes, apparently twenty-five is the year when I cross the…


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Think Twice, Think Nice

Every girl should be so lucky to have a guy friend like Bones. You know, the type that reminds you that not all guys are emotionally-constipated jagoffs looking to score. I mean yes, my core group of guy friends (which includes Wolf and Taz) are generally pretty great, but they have their jerky tendencies. Bones though, for all his sarcastic wit, would be hard-pressed to even fake jerkiness. The last douche thing he did to a girl was chase her around the playground with a pair of…


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The M Word

You would think that with 100% Caribbean blood flowing through my veins like Meyer’s rum, I’d be better equipped to deal with this grossly sticky heat wave swamping NYC at the moment. You would, apparently be wrong. My current defense against heat stroke seems to be, “shut off brain, direct all blood flow to extremities, and please for the love of god find me a fan.” Hence, zero bloggage over the last couple days. My brain overheated and could barely handle its normal tasks, writing was out…


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Too Many Voices, Too Much Fear

I dropped Roo off after a day of shopping, headed home and did something I basically never do: I turned off my phone. I’m always reachable. I have about fourteen different modes of communication on my phone, everything from email to texts to Twitter. Not to mention a good old fashioned phone call. Plus, my computer is usually on and within arm’s length if I’m home. But last night, I cut off all modes of communication, popped a couple pain pills and curled up on the couch next to my mom with…


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Dating Ms. Independent

I met a guy. I met a guy at a club and he was sweet and funny and he treated me like a lady, asked for my number, and didn’t try anything funny. We danced and we laughed and I left. He didn’t even try to kiss me. Then he texted me to make sure I got home okay, said goodnight and asked if we could hang out the next day before I caught my train to spend the weekend upstate with the family. He was nice and polite with just a hint of cheekiness and he’s doing the whole pursuing me thing. And it…


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For the Fun of It

“So when do you have time to date?” The question came in the middle of a conversation that covered everything from work to grad school to how I keep my apartment clean (the answer is barely). With all these things going on, it made sense to ask a single woman where dating fits in. But for me, the simple answer is…it doesn’t. In the last year or so, I’ve mainly taken a “take it or leave it” approach to dating. And more often than not, it’s been “leave it”. While my friends regale me with…


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Yours, Mine, and Ours

I spent this past weekend in my hometown, catching up with Roo and spending Mother’s Day with my mama. But with the weather as gorgeous as it was and my old car in need of some freedom, I also took the opportunity to do a little joyriding. With my Kardashian-esque sunglasses tinting the world a golden brown and the windows rolled down low, I zipped around town with a goofy smile on my face. And since I have no patience for traffic, I ducked the Saturday jams in favor of back roads and…


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The Chill in the Chase

I read once that every woman deserves to be chased at least once in her life. The woman who wrote this believed that women of this generation, my generation, don’t understand this. We have become so hardened and in control that we don’t let men come to us, prove their attraction and win our affection. We pursue them and give them what they want, without making them work for it and naturally when they get it, they get bored and disappear. And yeah, I can say from experience that the guys who…


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Tell Me I'm Beautiful

What’s the best word a woman can be called by a man? Gorgeous? Smart? Sexy, pretty, cute, intriguing, intelligent, interesting, amazing? Beautiful. Beautiful is what our daddies called us when we ran up to them for a hug in our favorite frilly dresses. Beautiful is what our mothers called us when they helped us pick out that perfect prom dress, and what they said when the boy broke our hearts, and when the other girls were so much cooler and prettier than us. Beautiful is what we say to our…


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Good Enough Just Ain't Good Enough

“All too often, we literally do not know any better than good enough.” I found that in an article I was reading this morning about productivity, goals, and ambition. You know the typical motivational crud that gets passed around corporate environments to get employees psyched up and working hard. The rest of the article was basically the same old “think outside the box” junk that has become so cliché its original meaning is all but forgotten. But that one sentence stuck out at me and…


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It's (Not Complicated)

It was the summer after Wolf and I broke up. I was in full-on lust with Ducky, despite his having long gone back to Florida and no prospect of his returning (what is it with me and guys from far out of town?). Bones had just told me that he was going to China in the fall to teach English. We were in my car on the way to the movies, because that’s what we did all that summer, and because I always drive when we’re together. His…


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Pass the Disappointment Please

I had a friend who had a fantastic blog (no this isn’t a “friend”, she’s a real person who is not me). I loved it and her because she always had something inspiring to say. Every day she wrote something eloquent and motivational about loving yourself, following your dreams, not needing a man, and standing strong. And I loved her for it. I read every single day and would text her with my thoughts, which usually ran to, “that was so good!” And then she met a guy. Or I guess I should say that…


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Great Expectations

I’ve always been one for spontaneity. When friends in college decided to have an impromptu party on a Tuesday of all nights, I was in before they could decide whose dorm to have it in. When Wolf decided it was a perfect day to take the motorcycle out, I climbed on the back and let him take us anywhere his little heart desired, even if that meant a two hour ride to Captree over a bridge that stretched for miles over nothing but ocean. It was how I ended up in China, booking a ticket on the…


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The Old Switcheroo

I watched the clock slowly tick away, trying to amuse myself with Pinterest and Bejeweled while pretending to work. At two it felt like five, at four, it felt like I’d been sitting in the same position for fourteen hours, despite going on a twenty-block jaunt at lunch. It wasn’t just the dinner and movie plans I had with the boys (dad and brother) after work. It wasn’t even that I didn’t have anything interesting to do. Lord knows I’d had days with much less work and had still managed to get…


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Blood of My Blood

My mom and I are exact opposites and also exactly alike. The things I love about my mom tend to be the things I love in myself or wish I could live up to while the things that drive me nuts are absolutely the worst things about myself that I refuse to recognize or deal with. My mom blamed it on astrology, saying that two Aries women were a recipe for trouble. I used to laugh it off, consigning her beliefs to a remnant of her backwards, spooky spirit upbringing. After all, where she came…


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New York, New York it's a Hell of a Town

New York is the refuge of misfits and dreamers. It gathers to its heart those who could not be contained by small Midwestern towns, Southern backwaters, and Northern villages. For what it lacks in literal space, it makes up with wide open avenues for the dreamers to turn ambition into achievement. And to the misfits, it opens warm arms of welcome. Here you will be loved. Here you will be accepted. As long as you learn how to dress because we’ll forgive you anything except a lack of style. It…


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