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Dancing on the Edge

Have you ever felt like you were on the edge of a precipice and on one side is you now, on the other is a shiny, new, exciting you? I’m starting to feel like that lately. There are little flashes of, like I’m walking up to the cliff through a thick forest. I can’t quite see it yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s there. Although even if it weren’t, it would still be a relief to escape the shadows of the trees. Am I rambling? Probably a little bit. But I am in a rambling mood. You see, a…


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In a New York Minute

It always amazes me how quickly things can change. In an instant, you can go from happily single, independent, don’t-need-a-man, to oh my gosh, do you think he likes me? you can decide that everything you’ve been doing up to this point is wrong, wrong, wrong. In a minute, you can slip from the confining tunnels of an underground world into the lights, rush, and sparkle of the greatest city in the world. And in a minute, you can go from comfortably lazy, waiting for your moment to come, to… Continue

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Cat's Not-So-City Life

Hey, you know that chick that used to hang out here sometimes? You know, the snarky one with the animal name. What was it…Cat? That’s right! Whatever happened to her? I heard she got kidnapped by mole people and lives in the sewers. Actually, I’m pretty sure she was the only one take in the failed rapture last week.


Okay, so maybe the actual story is way less interesting than that, but can’t a girl take a little artistic license? Isn’t that what a blog is for? Like…


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New Year, New Me

Happy New Year!!!! Okay, maybe not exactly, but it is for me. Tuesday was my birthday and with spring just beginning, it really feels like a new year (if you ignore the freak snowstorm). It’s when everything in nature is waking up from the winter and sniffing around, trying to figure out what this new year will bring. And to me, because I’m more awake and alive than when the year officially began, it’s like the last two and half months don’t really count. Sure, that whole losing my job thing… Continue

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Taking a Chance

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but my mother loves to communicate with me through magazine and newspaper clippings. Somehow she believes that if it comes from someone other than my mom I’ll take it more seriously…or something like that. So when this article landed in my inbox courtesy of mommy dearest, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be about weight loss, how… Continue

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