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She's a Lady (Parts 1 & 2)

She's a Lady

She's a Lady Part…


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Hello Again, 20SB!

It's been a long time since I've posted here, but some of the best bloggers (and coolest people) I've met were through this site, so I realized I was wasting precious entry stalking time by neglecting this place. I've been updating The "I'm Gonna Do That" Girl regularly. It even has a new layout - snazzyyyyy. I also started a new blog late last year,…


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There's Totally Oral Sex In The Bible.

"As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons.  I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste."  Song of Solomon, Ch. 2 Vs. 3.

BAM.  Oral sex.  In the fucking Bible.  I had heard it was there, and I went and found it myself in Song of Solomon (like a pro, I might add).  I'm still going to read the rest of this book too, because it's pretty good, and I am curious what else I will find.  It's sort of like a…


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Ray of Light.

Ray of Light.…


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Looking Like An Adult Seems To Be Almost As Important As Actually Being One. Plus A Huge Epiphany About Life And Stuff.

What happened to the days of old, when I looked 5-10 years older than I was?  Hm?  I remember being 11 when some lady at Costco thought I was married to my dad.  Waiters have been accidentally seating me at the bar and then bashfully moving me once they realized what they'd done since I was about 15.  Many of my guests at the bed and breakfast thought I was closer to 30 than to 20, and NOBODY believes I'm my mother's daughter and not her sister.

So why, in the last 6 months or so,…


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My Blogiversary Post: A Conglomeration Of Awesome

Today is my one-year blogiversary.  Exactly one year ago today I submitted my first post.


I really really want this post to be good.  I’m starting it two whole days ahead of time.  Which, for those of you who are unfamiliar with my writing habits, is WAY early.  This is how it usually goes:…


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The Ever-Pressing Plight Of The American 20-Something


The fuck.

Do I want to do.

With my life.


I have all these questions floating around in my brain.  Should I go back to school?  Should I try a new field or should I stick with hotels?  Should I take something I love, like writing, and try to make that a career?  How important to me is money?  What's the minimum amount I need to live the way I want?  For that matter, how do I want to live?  Do I want to travel?  Do I…


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January's Accessory of the Month...

January's Accessory of the Month...

...Black Framed Glasses…

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Lifelong Dream Being Fulfilled. No Big Deal.

Those of you who have known me since the days of the locket-wearing, bible-carrying and tea-drinking also know that I have long been obsessed with the beautiful country of England.

I called England home in a past life; I know I did.  I don't just want to go, I miss her.  I miss the air, the earth, the fog, the scents, the hills, the greenery, the people, the accents...I miss the soul of the place.  Something in my being absolutely longs to stand on English soil and just…


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Don't Judge Me. I'm Sick. You Shouldn't Judge Sick People.

I'm sick.  And lazy.  And exhausted.

But also bored.

So I found some random questionnaire on the internet that will give me a structure for my blog post today.  So I don't have to think.  I'm not awesome at that anyway, but when I'm sick...well let's just say all that I have in my brain when I'm sick is snot.  At least I'm pretty sure that's where it's all coming from...I don't think I have room for it all in my snot glands.

Here goes:

1.What… Continue

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The Hills Are Alive...With the Sound of Tour Buses and Off-Key Singing

There are, basically, two types of people that sign up for The Sound of Music tour in Salzburg:

1. People who are fans of the movie or are otherwise predisposed to want to see this collection of film sites.
2. Men who were emotionally blackmailed (or, in some cases, physically dragged there) by their wives/sisters/girlfriends and/or mothers.
The first group will, no doubt, list Panorama's Original Sound of Music Tour as one of their favorite… Continue

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An End to My Bad Luck

Tara seems to think that today is the day my bad luck can end.


Seeing as how she so, so wants my bad luck to end and start being happy, she rightfully told me not to miss my opportunity, because this kind of thing rarely happens twice.



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The Spirited Dark Side of Nosferatu and Beyond the Infinite Echoes

Netflix has a slew of silent movies made available for free streaming. Among them are two versions of perhaps the greatest horror movie of the silent era, NOSFERATU.

They are actually the same film (albeit with a few edits with titles and lengths) with a different soundtrack: one uses a Dolby Digital score…


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Views from the highest point in Karlskrona, Sweden

View of Karlskrona in Sweden

I had an afternoon buffet at Cafe Utkiken in Karlskrona, Sweden. This cafe is located at the highest point in Karlskrona, Bryggareberget. So I shot a ton of photos of the views of Karlskrona from Bryggareberget.

Full post and photos at: Views from the highest point in Karlskrona,…


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Thankful Mondays: Faith and Graduations

Lately I've been reading this blog.  Hajra, the blog's writer, uses Friday to post what people are thankful for; make a list of five things which you are thankful for.  I liked this idea, since most of the time we forget to be thankful for things in our lives.  And since I hate Mondays, a lot more than Fridays, I decided to use this day to remind myself to be thankful.

So...what I am thankful for this Monday?  Faith and…


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My weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden - lots of photos!

I spent this weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden and I decided to do some serious sightseeing! Trams. Nordstan. Paddan boat sightseeing. Göta Älv. Wheel of Gothenburg. Gustaf Adolf's square. Views. Saluhallen. Skansen Kronan. Liseberg amusement park. Roller coaster.

Lots of photos and full post at:…


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Everything I Doooo, I Do It For Youuuu

Well, despite my attempts, I didn't fall asleep any earlier than usual last night. I tried to video game myself into a stupor, which only gave me a headache. I tried to lull myself to sleep with Community, which worked until I would shut my eyes and be wide awake. I even cocooned myself in a blanket like a fucking roly poly. None of it worked to get me asleep. I just kept feeling bored and extremely awake the moment I let my eyelids meet.…


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