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Shameless Plug Tuesday:

Education is a privilege, and it shouldn't be. 

For the full article, click on the image or right…


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Fall Closet Cleaning

This past weekend, I did a little fall cleaning of my closets. The two closets in my room consist of clothes, shoes, and some of my old “items”- which includes everything from stuffed animals to my CD collection. During this process, I realized a few things I’d like to share with you.

My taste in music was quite awful, yet awesome. My collection of cassette tapes that I found included The Spice Girls, Natalie Imbruiglia (she had that song “Torn”), Backstreet Boys,…


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The Organized Pantry

It’s a rainy Saturday. The hubs had to run out to a job site this morning, so it’s just been Lucy and I manning the house. I have to say that I finally am feeling settled into our new house. Yes, we got everything put away and semi-organized really quickly after moving in. But it took a while to get things to a point where they were completely organized and easy to find, at least in the eyes of the eyes of this pregnant woman – who has gone completely crazy for organization…


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Scientology, What Do You Think?

So I read on Yahoo! the other day that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting divorced. I also read an article about how Katie disliked Scientology, and that Tom's religion was part of the reasoning behind the divorce. I don't really know much about Scientology, but I've done some research and found some interesting things.…


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One of the most important decisions when starting a blog is choosing what blog platform to use. The two most common ones are Blogger and Wordpress right now. I'm always seeing the question "Which blogging…


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Organizing your time

Taken from my blog: University Life: Made Easy!

Well world, I know for most people in University and college, t'is the season for a few things:

- Cranky shopping experiences

- Spending a lot of money (not only on gifts, but on next semesters' tuition, books, and other expenses), and...

- Final exams

What a terrible combination! I, too, fall victim to this every year for…


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I recently read a post from Carol Fye aka the Coupon Lovin' Mom entitled "How To Organize Coupons." You can read it here. In it she mentioned how she uses an accordion binder (or perhaps it is also called a divided organizer ) that she got at Walmart for $10. I got a 6 pocket one at my local Dollar Tree a coupon of years ago (I… Continue

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