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Fake the Take

The heart wants what the heart wants. We’ve all heard the saying before. Most of us have probably even used it ourselves, usually as an excuse for doing something that our brain was screaming at us to back away from (or run like hell). And it’s the phrase that popped into my head last night as I was talking to one of my guy friends…although in his case it was more likely a different organ that wanted what it wanted. He’s the kind of friend who I’m always trying to turn into a better person…


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Unavailable, Unachievable, and Downright Impossible

It’s happened to every one of us. Whether it was that seventh grade crush who wouldn’t give you the time of day or that guy in the bar who…wouldn’t give you the time of day. Sooner or later, we all fall for that guy we just can’t have. He has a girlfriend. He’s gay. He’s married. He’s gay and married. He lives halfway across the country. He likes someone else. He just “doesn’t see us that way” and a thousand other permutations of just not going to happen. And then it happens again.…


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