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in which I mention Justin Bieber. Yes, you got that right. Justin Bieber.

Why is there an interview with Justin Bieber on bbc radio at almost 8 p.m...Why didn't they schedule it for early morning when I'm asleep and blissfully unaware of this shit?! And why, from all the pop disasters, it has to be him?! I'd somehow survive Little Mix. And even One Direction (or No Direction, as some brilliant ppl call them) would be the lesser evil...

The real question is, though, why am I aware of their existence in the first place? All these crazy main-stream…


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Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend…


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What I Love Right Now - February


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What I Love Right Now...

What I Love Right Now...…


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What I love right now...


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Have Your Best Winter Yet!

Have Your Best Winter Yet!…


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What I Love Right Now (11/1)

...a few of my favorite things...…


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To the Parents of Us 20-Somethings: A Letter of Explanation

Everyone is trying to figure out what is "wrong" with us. The New York Times, the rest of society, our friends, and especially our parents are asking: What is it about 20-Somethings? So, to the people we are most likely to try explaining ourselves to, our parents, here is a letter of explanation:



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Free Novel

I'm embarking on a new project. What is it? Well. . .

about the project

I'm giving my novel away for free, here, via blog, over the course of a

year (give or take a few weeks) in flash fiction-sized bites (ahem,


A free novel? For real? Why, yes!

Am I crazy? Well, I am a writer. But no, like any writer I write to be read!

And currently, I’m not being read, and not from a lack of trying. In

the aftermath of the… Continue

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Emotion Detox: The One Where I Sort of Squat in an Ex Lover's Apartment

I'm squatting in an ex-lover's apartment.…


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how can anyone figure out what im talking about?

oh yea.. friday night Kelso found out gran was staying the night and started barking when I went to bed arround 2:30. I had to get out of bed 3 times but then I fell asleep. the next morning gran told us Kelso was barking from 3:00 till 5:00!! the dummy didnt even woke us up!! those poor neighbores. saturday gran went back home. that morning I changed moms matress with the spare bed's matress, made the spare bed tidy, cleaned up gran's stuff, made my bed, then I made mums bed and after I got… Continue

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Ahh Facebook- why do you think I only have 5,000 friends when social media is my life???

So I am quickly approaching my 4,000 friend mark on Facebook- and I feel the pressure.

What to do when I hit 5,000?

Will my page be shut down?

Will I lose my faithful followers online?

Will I lose my social media career?

Will I be deemed too cool for school?

Here is the thing- I do social media for 8th Continent Soymilk- so Facebook as one of my points of entry is vital. That is hos people see all of the adventures I go on, the coupons I promote, the contests… Continue

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