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Time for Some Advice

Okay everyone, it is that time again that I call upon all of my lovely readers for your expert advice. I am in the beginning stages of planning my next trip and I would love to hear your do's and don'ts, the must see's and the can do without's.

So, here's my plan: Someone around February or March, I plan to travel to Germany and Poland. My route will be something like, landing in Munich and spending a few days (3-5) in the city and taking day trips to Nuremburg and the Bavarian Alps…


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Birds of Prey

Yes...I got to hold an owl while in Ireland. How cool is that?!

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Discovering Our Heritage

Little did I know, traveling to Ireland with my mom led us to discovering part of our own heritage. Read about it here:

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9 Days and Counting!

Yes folks, I will be leaving in a total of nine days for the beautiful country of Ireland! To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement. I fully plan on seeing all I can see and doing all I can do while I am there and taking PLENTY of pictures. I know I have asked in the past, but I am most definitely interested in hearing about specific little restaurants, stores, visit. So, if you've been to the Irish land and would like to offer a wondering traveler some advice, I would…


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The Need to Travel

The world is composed of seven continents, each consisting of cultures, traditions, and lifestyles vastly different from my own. Living in the proud and patriotic United States, I will be the first to admit that Americans are often “those people” who are much less “cultured” than our friends living on the other six continents. Why, I don’t know. Maybe it is because we have it engrained it us from a young age that you grow up, go to college, get a degree, get a good job, and then “do all the…


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My Love Affair with Museums

I must say, I have been to many museums in my life. Whether it hold paintings, sculptures or history, I'm usually always in the mood to check out what is inside these grand buildings. As awe-inspiring as the contents inside may be, the exterior of a museum can be just as remarkable. The architecture of a place can often make your experience even more memorable and enjoyable.

Having visited my fair share of museums, I would have to say my top five include:

1) The…


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Holiday Road

Christmas is coming and let's just say, I'm a bit panicked! Due to my busy work life, as well as events that have caused me to be out of town the past few weekends, my Christmas shopping has been very nill thus far. However, I did get a chance to do a bit of Xmas shopping this afternoon :) 

Of course, every slow car, every bit of traffic, and for some strange and crazy reason, a freaking parade, seemed to cause my somewhat happy demeanor to turn to aggravation and a boiling point…


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Wonderful D.C. Days

Check out my blog post about my few days in D.C.  There's pictures!!!!

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Advice Please…

Those of you who follow my blog know that I am hoping to travel to Greece this coming May. I’ve always dreamed of going to Greece, specifically Athens and Santorini. Visiting the beaches, seeing the history, and taking in the beauty that is Greece is something I find myself thinking about and looking forward to quite often.

However, with the unrest that is going on right now in Greece, I am hoping it will quiet down before then. If it doesn’t, I am looking for a back-up destination.…


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I Cannot Tell a Lie

For those who have seen Roman Holiday, you might recall the scene with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck where they make their way down to the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. There, Peck tells Hepburn of the ancient Roman legend, one that says whoever places their hand inside “La Bocca della Verita” (The Mouth of Truth), if they are believed to be lying, they will lose their hand. Hesitant, Hepburn is too afraid to test the ancient myth.…


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Tips for Cruising

When preparing to go on a cruise, there are many things that new cruisers are unaware of prior to saying “bon voyage.” As someone who has cruised 9 times, my family and I have picked up a few tips that we believe are quite helpful when deciding to take a cruise vacation.

  1. Watch your onboard budget

    Once you board your cruise liner, you will forgo the cash and instead, be given a handy-dandy little card with your name on it. That my friend is your “cash” while on the…

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And The Recommendations/Reviews Just Keep Coming!!!

A Summer in Genoa: If I’m being totally honest, this was a different kind of movie. It starts Colin Firth and Catherine Keener and as much as I love Colin Firth, this was not one of his finest. After the death of his wife, he decides to take his two daughters to Genoa where a close friend from Harvard lives (Catherin Keener). His oldest daughter finds herself becoming friendly with some of the local boys while the youngest… Continue

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Visiting Venice…Take Galoshes

When my sister and I visited Venice last summer, we ran into some unexpected weather. Only spending 2 days in this lovely city, we were not met with much sunshine. However, we were certainly not going to let that ruin our time there, so we pulled out the umbrellas, unfolded the map, and prepared to make our way through the charming areas of Venice.

Spending much of our day touring Doge’s Palace, visiting Rialto Bridge, and scouring our way through the narrow streets, we eventually… Continue

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More Book Reviews

The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedman: Rachel Friedman certainly has an interesting and exciting story to tell in “The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost.” Traveling to Ireland, Australia, and South America, Friedman and a girl she meets in Ireland, both try out new and exciting adventures. To get the perspective of someone who’s followed the rules most of her life, done was is expected of her, and finds accomplishment in even the smallest of things,… Continue

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Swimming with Stingrays in Grand Cayman

For anyone who has ever been to the Cayman Islands, you know that swimming with stingrays is one of the highlight tourist attractions. Several years ago, my family and I visited the islands and did the whole tour of the island, visited a turtle farm, took a nice trip through Hell (there really is a city there called ‘Hell’) and finally, swam with stingrays.

That experience made quite an impression on me as this last time, we opted to swim with them again. It’s funny because when a lot of… Continue

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Roatan, Honduras

For the past week, I’ve been recounting the wonderful vacation I just got back from, which was an amazing Carnival cruise. My family and I are no strangers to living on a ship for 7-8 days, and actually find it to be a great way to see various parts of the Caribbean. This most recent trip, one of our destinations included Roatan, Honduras. Having never visited this port before, I was anxious to see what it held for its visitors, and to be completely honest, although what we did there was one of… Continue

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A Pep Rally for the Pope

If you’ve ever traveled through Rome, you know that it is a necessity to hit the highlights like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and of course, Vatican City; however, how many of you would consider seeing the Pope to be one of the “necessary” elements of a Roman vacation?

Seeing as it is Holy Week and Easter is just a few days away, I thought it would be fitting to share with all of you the amazing opportunity my sister and I received while visiting Rome. The day my… Continue

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More Reviews for All You Travel Lovers


Roman Holiday: So many of you mentioned that this movie was without a doubt, a must-not-miss for travel lovers such as myself. Well, I took your advice and let Audrey and Gregory take me through the beautiful and amazing city of Rome. Having visited this lovely city, I found myself reflecting back to my time spent there. Although it was only three days, I frequently sighed and “awed” when they arrived at the Mouth of Truth, when they sped… Continue

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Old Town Market in Nice, France

Visiting the French Riviera this past summer, I was officially in awe of the things I saw. Nice was full of incredible people, breathtaking sights, and plenty of places to relax. Only getting to spend a day and a half in this lovely city, my sister and I made sure to take in as much of it as we possibly could.

Since I don’t want to give away all of the things we did during our short stay, I must tell you one of my favorite things about Nice was the Old Town Market that we passed… Continue

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Why Others Don’t Travel

I was having a discussion today with one of my closest friends. He and I are practically brother and sister and we have quite a bit in common, except the topic of traveling. I, an avid traveler who would love nothing more than to spend my days traveling and seeing as much of the world as humanly possible, cannot understand why others simply express disgust when mentioning the word “travel.”

He and his family have lived in numerous states across the country; however, he has absolutely… Continue

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