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The Sober Ones

I figure instead of copying and pasting, I'd rather just link you guys up to the Blogger post instead!

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Endeavors, Ambitions, and Other Such Foolery

For a long, long time I've wanted to be a musician. I couldn't imagine having any other job in the whole wide world that would truly make me happy. I would suffer through working dead-end jobs so that I could write song after song, in hopes that one of them would strike a chord with someone important. Over time, this idea evolved. Currently, I've been focusing much more of my time in the recording engineer department. I'm intrigued with the ins and outs of different kinds of mics, how their… Continue

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Yep, I'm "that guy" that's making a blog post about a video game. Doesn't get much cooler than this.

Please note: before reading this blog, you ought to know I use the word "faggot" quite a few times. I am in no way a bigot and certainly don't mean to refer to homosexuals with the use of this term. As far as I'm concerned, the term could be used interchangeably with "punk" or "stupidhead."

Kevin and I have been sitting in my room for the last 6 hours playing video games. I… Continue

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deep breaths, nicholas... take them.

I think I need someone standing over my shoulder at all times to just remind me to take deep breaths whenever I'm freaking out. Even though I've come to find that it doesn't really help me as much as I'd like for it to, it does calm me down at least a little bit to know that I'm trying to calm down. If I do nothing, I think my brain likes to fall in to the intense cycle of: shit man, you're freaking out, to what the fuck are you gonna do?! followed with oh God, I have NO… Continue

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it's good to be a part of something, or, it's good to be apart from something

So, I'm super excited to have joined the 20sb site. It's really straight-forward and I had ZERO trouble editing my layout (Blogger gave me a hell of a time learning how to do their crap!), which is a major plus in my book. Simplicity is key to grabbing my interest. The first place I jumped in to was the Chatroom, where Orion, Lily, and Harley… Continue

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Welcome to 20SB!






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