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A Heel of a Lot of Pain

No, that is not a typo, it is supposed to say heel not hell.  It's a play on words - a pathetic one- but still. It's all about my insanely painful heel that has been plaguing my world since the 12th. No idea where it came from, but now all I can do is sit around and hope that it goes away, so far no luck. …


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Attempt #.... no F*ing clue

I have returned once again to the bloggersphere, yea that's right, I used that word, so sue me. Actually don't, I don't have the money and I really don't have the time to find a pencil skirt that makes me look like an appropriate business woman rather than the hot librarian look that I currently have come to rock at school. I have returned, heaven help me, thanks to an old acquaintance from high school.  I stumbled over his facebook page today thanks to the side bar telling me about how he…


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Holy Crap! I'm a teacher?! When did this happen?

It happened about a week ago actually, when I received my acceptance letter and official offer to become a Graduate Assistant at my university. For those of you unfamiliar with this position, here is a quick explanation of the role.

          Graduate Assistant (noun): A person, or being, that signs on to teach a general education English course in order to receive full tuition and stipend for their time in Graduate School.  See…


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