Endeavors, Ambitions, and Other Such Foolery

For a long, long time I've wanted to be a musician. I couldn't imagine having any other job in the whole wide world that would truly make me happy. I would suffer through working dead-end jobs so that I could write song after song, in hopes that one of them would strike a chord with someone important. Over time, this idea evolved. Currently, I've been focusing much more of my time in the recording engineer department. I'm intrigued with the ins and outs of different kinds of mics, how their tubes work, positionings, room ambience, room dampening, sweet spots, etc... I want to buy compression units, limiters, hardware reverb, and most of all, a firewire interface from MOTU. Dangit, I get all hot and bothered just thinking about all of it, and then super frustrated thinking about how most of that gear costs at least $750 a pop.

Now, while all of that sounds immensely badass and totally freaking awesome, there is a very small chance of making any money off of recording bands until I have a rig that's worth at least $2000. I'd need many, many inputs to record live drums, at least one nice ribbon mic for guitars, and a better mic for vocals. After all of that, I'd still have to work really hard on mixing and. Then, to top all of that off, mastering is still a bitch. When it's all said and done, it's a classic case of "you've gotta have money to make money." All I can really say to that is "fuck."

Now, another interest of mine over the years has been computer... Stuff. I've built a few computers in my day, one of which my family still uses. I've written a few programs in Java (all for my AP Java class). I'm the go-to guy for most internet, networking, or technology related problems. I'm FINALLY putting it to use by downloading and reading a few books on Objective-C programing and the Cocoa frameworks. Basically, I'm going to be making some programs for Mac OS X. If there's a single hobby out there with more potential to get some bills paid, I'd like to know about it.

So, more or less, I'm super stoked about all of this. The two books that I'm reading are Learn Objective-C on the Mac and Learn Cocoa on the Mac. THAT IS ALL!

What are some of your own hobbies? What do you do to make some mad coin? Have a Mac and want me to make a program (or... try)?

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