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The deeper I have delved into the craft beer industry, the more discrimination I have seen against the boobed beer drinkers. I have several comments to make on the issue.

1) Women generally have a better sense of smell than men, thereby enabling them to better dissect and enjoy foods.

2) Traditionally, women brewed beer as part of their homemaking/cooking/slave-to-the-children and kitchen routine.

3) It is no wonder at all to me that women are light years behind men as far as their general interest in beer. How many years has the beer industry spent, marketing their product solely to males? In fact, the stigma developed purposefully by beer companies has been that their ideal customer is essentially a caveman who burps, pats his big belly and admires a scantily clad female *holding* a beer which of course she herself would never drink.

4) We are in the golden age of Foodie-ism. Fusion, sushi, ethnic cuisines, miniature foods..ha....what flavors can we combine to create that euphoric tastegasm? It obviously follows, that the beverage which washes down that artistic culinary delight should be equally complex. Alcohol pairs well with food; Better than non-alcoholic drinks. The weight, the viscosity, the warmth, the coolness,  the complexities all lend themselves to compliment the right foods.

5) Off-subject beer discrimination: I keep hearing people complaining that beer is getting too hoity-toity...too complex..."too much like wine". I'm sorry, but if your child can out run every other kid in the state, are you going to tell them to slow down? Hell no! YOU don't have to buy "that specialty stuff", and can stick to the session worthy beers, no judgement, it's all good stuff. However, some of us wait in anxious anticipation to try the nectar that a brewer has artfully, skillfully and painstakingly created. It's a niche market and not for everyone. Yet anyway.

Now back to the boobs. When someone calls a beer "girly", I understand that what they mean is that it is a "gateway beer", a "noobie beer", and it generally might be light, citrusy, lacking in flavor, and perhaps even fruity. Whether you have a vagina or a doohicky, we all start off in the same place. Square one. NOOB. Some progress faster than others, as their taste buds grow accustomed to certain tastes and start demanding others. Luckily, the best way to advance your palate and become more knowledgeable about beer is to drink it, and drink lots of it!

Due to the PG-13 nature of this blog, here are many many pictures of boobs -->  (  .  ) (  .  )  not a virus, promise and you're welcome.

How do you feel about women and craft beer? Are you a woman in love with this fermented beverage? Share your take on the matter.

Just a reminder:  I have taste buds dude.

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