I saw "The Social Network" last night. Good movie. Facebook worked out well, yes. But it makes one wonder how many more media networking applications and pages will be launched and failed in the meantime. I get skeptical everytime I join something new. 20sb including, which I joined yesterday. 'How is this one different?' is what I ask the site. How is it different than what High5, Friendster, Nexus, CalgaryPlanet, LIveJournal, msnLive, MySpace, etc,etc, etc, etc have to offer me? Is it just anohter place where I have to maintain my "Status of being" and pop in intermittently to make friends?

As a 20sblogger, I have to admit that my very membership to this place makes me wonder about that technological load that will weigh down our generation once we become 30sb. (You know, our parents who are the ones that check email very sporadically or are slowly trickling into the facebook world). What will it be for us? Keeping up with so many different networking pages? Having enough time to blog? Or perhaps the larger majority of us will transition into that phase of life as tech savvy parents and there will be an entirely different kind of monster that the new 20sb will be dealing with...

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Comment by Sarah Kidney on October 9, 2010 at 12:50am
I saw a man that must have been almost 80 years old eating at 2:30 in the morning while playing around with his iPad at a restaurant in Atlanta last week. I hope I'm like him. I'm on 20sb too. :)

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