You run out of reasons to smile about when you stand in line and wait for the person in front of you to disappear. You may blink 5-6 times to see if that works but sadly, it doesn't. The guy stands where he is and so do the others. There are times when I have felt oddly restless when the headcount doesn't change even after 15 minutes of my life spent standing, doing pretty much nothing. The picture above may be highly deceiving as smiling is the last thing one can think of when one's stuck in a queue.

Oh! The country's population...It doesn't help. No matter how hard I try to avoid bank work, the metro, or any other stupid work that validates my existence, I have to stand in line. Why can't life be simpler and all these paperwork be kept to a minimum? Surely, the ones who engage in filing these sheets and sheets of paper are not enjoying it. The SBI, the worst bank I have had the ill fortune to come across gives me nightmares. I jolted out of my sleep not so long ago when I saw myself inside this dreaded bank. Doing what? Standing in queue to get some bank work done from a mean-looking lady with cropped hair! What a nightmare it was; I was all sweaty and in shock and had a tough time getting back to sleep again. In short, it did qualify and made it to my list of - "One of the nightmares I'll never forget."

A Pain in the Neck

All these rules that have been laid down for us mortals so that we can live these 100 or less years in peace are such a nuisance.You can't get away from them though. You have to run around for your passport, pay your monthly bills, insurance..get your pic clicked so that they can have it. If I try and don't do any of these, I might get labelled as a suspicious person with highly suspicious activities, which might mean more queues for me.

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