We all see these words written in cursive, flowing text with curly letters and lines through them. Though I feel it's another ploy by the man to annoy me and control my online freedom, it's something that's hard to evade. I mean it's pretty much everywhere these days, even to leave certain comments on Facebook. They make sure they captcha your arse!

What's funny to me is not the occasion when I think I typed the correct two letters WITH the space between them and then seen an error message and a fresh new set of demon words to terrorize me. What is funny is actually the combination of words that they sometimes come up with (or word..some use only one word sometimes).

In a coming article on my blog here, I'll post some of the craziest and funniest ones I've seen so far. After that, I'll want to know what are any you have seen.

I've always wondered who makes up these anyway? Person or computer...though the latter is pure, perfect irony. A computer pretending to be human and making up phrases to determine if we are human and to prevent the other computers, programs, softwares from pretending to be human.

Again, upcoming expounding in soon coming article. Check it out!


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