Irish American and the 10 things I learned from a Mom Conference

Many Irish people are trying to speak with an American accent. There have been many times that the Irish poked a bit of fun at folks from across the Atlantic who tried, but miserably failed, to put up a convincingly sounding Irish accent.

This has particularly been true when some Hollywood star was put in some Irish film role and was apparently unable to even get some basic accents right, despite all the classes they went through for building up their acting skills. Today, the tables may have turned slightly, however, as is shown in a new YouTube video that is showing some Irish people who do their utmost to copy a few North American accents. Don’t be surprised, they’re faring just as shockingly and don’t forget to check our resources.

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Irish Speakers in America –Bitesize Irish Gaelic

While most people on our side of the big pond are quite capable of identifying one American accent from the other, would most Irish people not be able to tell a California accent from a Boston one or even a Canadian from a New Yorker. Things get a bit funny the moment the video begins, and we can hear one lady say that she’s really afraid she’s going to offend all Americans, and probably the Canadians as well…

The 10 things I learned from Irish Mom Conference

This past weekend, I attended the Irish Mom ConferenceĀ in Asheville. I met the most amazing women and had the privilege of getting to know them. It was a very emotional and powerful experience for me. I don’t even know where to begin! I attended a lot of great sessions. My favorite was the Town Hall Style session where the audience was allowed to participate. What a great idea!

What did I learn you might ask? Well, here it is:

1.) The energy you project into the world comes back to you. If you are kind, considerate, and helpful, chances are people around you will behave the same way, despite your Irish background.

2.) Be open to learning opportunities. Each mistake is an opportunity to grow. Embrace it.

3.) Be respectful. Things that look easy to one, are not that easy for others.

4.) We are all in it together. Let’s help each other out. As we grow, it is our responsibility to help others.

5.) Don’t take anything for granted. Life is constantly moving us forward, maybe even more for Irish women.

6.) Have fun. Push your own envelope and allow good things to happen.

7.) There are great role models out there and they are more than glad to teach and guide, if you are open.

8.) If you want more than one brownie, it is totally fine.

9.) Focus on what you do well and keep at it.

10.) Build relationships and keep them. They will outlast everything else. Life is too short anyway.

All in all, The Irish Mom Conference is the best conference I have attended thus far. For me, the bar for future conferences has risen forever.

I better make sure that my panel on Twitter and Education at the Conference is extraordinary or at least comes close.