A Few Good Reasons to Visit Limerick

Thinking about visiting Ireland? Well, don’t forget to check out Limerick, a great historic city that boasts great rugby legends, which offers sizzling food, and comes with interesting street art.

There’s always something going on in Limerick. The town’s riverside walks, revamped quays, and casual dining food scenes will steal your heart, that’s for sure!

Here are a few good reasons to visit Limerick:

Limerick’s Georgian grid
When you think of Georgian architecture in Ireland, you’d probably think of Dublin, but the country has more to offer. The Georgian grid of Limerick (referred to as Newtown Pery) looks unfortunately for the larger part still like a crumbling wreck, but if you look a little deeper, you’ll come aware of its historic relevance, the quality, and its mouthwatering potential. Even the roughest corners echo the city’s heritage.

Come to Limerick and marvel at the dilapidated fanlights and iron balconies around Mallow Street, and set-pieces like the Crescent on O’Connell Street. Outside of Dublin, Limerick boasts the largest Irish collection of Georgian townhouses. Newtown Pery was founded by the First Viscount Pery in Limerick’s old medieval quarter around the end of the 18th century, and though its demise is obvious, it’s definitely worth a visit.

King John’s Castle
The castle’s fat, fortified walls have functioned as a Limerick landmark since 1210, and a recent refurbishment (that cost almost €6 million) has put King John’s Castle right in the spotlight where it should be. The castle now features interactive exhibitions, cool models, costumed actors, and spooky underground chambers that make the castle one of Limerick’s top attractions.

You can swoosh Norman swords, dress in historic costumes, shoot your small balls from miniature canons, and enjoy the most magnificent views of the city. King John’s Castle is an interesting reboot of an Irish heritage treasure. You may also pick up some good ideas on how to speak with a real Irish accent.

St. Mary’s Cathedral (Bridge Street)
The Cathedral (officially named the Church of St. Mary the Virgin) is Limerick’s oldest building that’s still used on a daily basis. The cathedral is not on every tourist’s must-see list, but is absolutely worth a visit and radiates a solemn atmosphere. You will enjoy the gorgeous stained glass panels that were used to teach religious topics in earlier days, the beautiful oak carvings (similar to Westminster Hall’s roof beams), the impressive chandeliers, the mysterious alcoves, and a beautiful mosaic triptych (carved by father of Padraig James Pearse).

Limerick City Gallery of Art (Carnegie Building, Pery Square)
Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) is a leading Irish contemporary art gallery which features an impressive collection of Irish Art from the 18th, 19th, 20th centuries in various media. The Gallery’s Irish Art collection includes more than 800 works, and LCGA is also home to the Michael O’Connor International Poster Collection and the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing.

The Gallery additionally offers Irish and international artists the chance to display their work. The Gallery is housed in the historic Carnegie Building in the People’s Park that went through a big redevelopment that was completed in 2012. LCGA boasts 650 square meters of exhibition space which is wheelchair accessible with wide doorways, a disabled toilet, and a lift. To learn more about the Delaware Valley Irish Hall of Fame, check out this post.

Limerick’s Street Art
Well, as we all know, art is not only found in galleries. The grittier side of Limerick makes a fine podium for street art, and you’ll be surprised to find the coolest pieces at the most unlikely spots. You could, for example, take a look at a great painting by an Australian artist named ‘Smug’ of a bearded man with a Hello Kitty tattoo who’s gleaming out from a gable end, displayed just across from King John’s Castle.

Of course, street art isn’t every Limerick resident’s idea of great art, but this surely is a unique Limerick asset in the making. Street art can look quite charming against the city’s backdrop, and the work of local artists is definitely giving the city an excellent edge. Many people from Limerick emigrated to the United States and to read more about the Irish in America, read this article.

Rugby Legends
Well, King’s John’s Castle is surely not the only Limerick fortress! The city’s Thomond Park is a legendary venue, and Limerick is the heartland of Munster Rugby. You can enjoy a great tour of the stadium that will take you directly into the inner sanctum. Marvel at the success of the city’s famous rugby team that every year works with a number charities to help them raise funds for the good cause. You’ll get the chance to go pitch-side or to check out Munster’s changing rooms.