It’s not about building a website but promoting the website

The blog concept – deliver content, build community, and conduct commerce – seems deceptively simple. And it would appear to lend itself well to myriad niche markets, from photography buffs to heart surgeons to naval architects. The problem isn’t with the notion of targeting niche markets; that’s a keeper. The issue is that running a successful website has become difficult.

If you want to attract customers and transactions, building a blog/portal may not be your most effective strategy. If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Instead, you need to go to your customers and prospects. Syndicate your information and your products, let customers and prospects get your information, products, and services from a multitude of websites, digital markets, and aggregators.

Don’t chase ad dollars – The leading mass consumer portals such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, or Pinterest were predicated on an advertising-supported business model and they generate approximately 90 percent of their revenues from selling ads.

You can’t compete with these portal giants; don’t even try. Sure, you may be successful in building a niche portal catering to a niche market. And you can certainly draw advertisers to your site with your more focused appeal. But the chances are good that the ad revenues you reap from a niche portal strategy won’t come close to covering your expenses.

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