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ayy lmao meaning - Twenty Something Bloggers

ayy lmao meaning

Hello Internet and welcome to behind me where we take a look at the meaning and the origin of your favorite means.

Today we have a look at a ayy lmao , ayy lmao has been a popular request for a post topic here on my blog.

It seems that every day somebody leaves a comment who wants to see an article on this meme. Well, today is that day but sadly there is no way in the world to show all the suggestions I have received for this topic.

What Does ayy lmao Mean?

But regardless thank you all for your comments. You wanted it. Now you have it. Here we go. ayy lmao is a popular phrase and meme online. The phrase itself is used as a way to express amusement with something amusement in a humorous way due to the inclusion of ayy lmao. Many people also use it as a type of energetic greeting.

But let’s dissect it just a little further. I’m sure that everybody sitting here reading this article right now knows what lmao means. Laughing my ass off. But what about ay ay ay ay is the part of the phrase that most people are unfamiliar with but believe it or not it even has a meaning. Let’s go have a look at the definition. Over at Urban Dictionary dot com. So we can better understand just exactly what it means.

As you can see a has two meanings. It can be used as a friendly type of greeting but it can also be used to express anger.


  1. A gentle ‘ayy’ symbolises gratitude among friends, and is often used as a general greeting
  2. A more agressive ‘AAAYYYYYYYY’, is used to show anger amongst a close group of friends or family.


  1. Person 1: /joined the cadets!!

Person 2: Ayy

2 Person 1: I DIDN’T GET LAID!!

Person 2: A YYYYWYA YYY?!??!

person 1 : BUT I DIDNT GET LAID !!!

The meaning and origin of the ayy lmao

It all depends on the type of tone that you use a is heavily used in urban culture and is believed to have evolved from the word Hey this type of informal and laid back greeting is also associated with marijuana culture. Because of this many times the aliens have been depicted smoking joints. OK, so we understand what the phrase means but what the heck is up with all the aliens. The phrase a ayy lmao is almost always associated with extraterrestrials more commonly known as aliens. There is one image of an alien in particular that is considered to be the original meme a strange-looking alien is seen looking through what appears to be a car door. The alien’s appearance is rather humorous. He doesn’t look all that scary in my opinion. He looks more confused than anything because of this the image and the phrase were quickly used together. One of the first known uses was on March 30 1st 2013 when a Twitter user made a comment about his reaction when he saw the picture of the alien.

After this first use, it started to spread all across the Internet. It was often used with the same alien picture and sometimes with a different alien picture. In fact, the meme is best known for being used with multiple pictures of aliens rather than just one single picture. The meme has become very popular with it often being used as a hashtag on Tumblr. There have even been various Facebook fan pages created for the meme and it even has its very own subReddit which I have to admit. Maybe the coolest SubReddit I have come across there’s little aliens and UFOs everywhere. So now we know how it first started and spread but where in the heck did the picture of the alien come from. Well, the picture has been used online quite frequently even prior to the birth of the meme it commonly appeared on various paranormal sites from across the world prior to 2013 and believe it or not some people actually believe that this was a picture of a real alien seriously.

And for the longest time, nobody could argue that opinion because nobody knew where the photo had originated from. It always seemed to appear online with no source or origin but all that changed in February of 2015 when a Reddit user claimed to have found the original use of the alien when he was watching X Files and the alien randomly appeared on his screen. When I first saw this picture on this post I knew that I had to track down the original clip just to see what it was all about. Here it is.

How the hell should I know?

What does that mean. How should I know?

What the hell just happened. Come on you have to admit that’s pretty damn funny especially when you consider the X Files isn’t supposed to be a comedy. And I guess apparently his name is Jack. Who would have guessed an alien named Jack. So there you have it. lmao Oh started off as a cheesy prop from a 90s TV show and quickly became a popular term and meme that people love to use online. But hey that’s the Internet for you and on the internet means are key. Who knows you may learn about a meme you never knew about before. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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