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Dirty Things To Whisper In His Ear: Turn Him On Like Never Before - Twenty Something Bloggers

Dirty Things To Whisper In His Ear: Turn Him On Like Never Before

We can’t deny that dirty talk can turn a man on.

If you’ve never tried it before, maybe you should learn it.

It’s a great way to spice up your relationship.

There are many programs like “The Language Of Desire” that are able to help you master dirty talk fast.

But even if you are not interested in spending money on programs, it is still possible.

In this article, I’ll share with you how to dirty talk the right way.

What Is It With Dirty Talking?

A lot of people still question the reliability of dirty talk during sex.

Well, the truth is, there is nothing to question.

Even when you’re making love, dirty talk can turn things around quickly.

It works by making the situation hotter and spicier.

Dirty talk stimulates a person’s mind in a very different way than a simple “I want you!”.

It’s much more powerful and has a good deal of lust in it.

Dirty talk improves sex manifold.

First of all, it builds sexual tension that asks for release.

This leads to him working towards the goal of satisfying you so that your desires are met.

It also makes him think about you as certain kinds of dirty words turn him on very much, making the words etched in his memory, at least for a few weeks.

Now, whether there’s etching or not really depends on the kind of person that your man is.

What words work better is something you’ll learn with time.

But starting your dirty talk now will have positive benefits nevertheless.

Dirty talk arouses a man, and here are some common examples of dirty things to whisper in his ear to turn him on more than ever:

1.“Seeing You Do Anything Physical Turns Me On So Much!”

When you whisper these words to him, no matter what the situation is, he’ll be aroused for sure.

This is true because most men want to be desirable.

And flaunting their masculinity or physique is their go-to way when they want to woo someone.

So, when they hear that their body, labor, or physical work make their girl go crazy, it touches upon that same mentality that men use to woo.

It’s true for all men.

So, don’t get me wrong here.

He doesn’t really have to be well-built or heavily muscular.

Every man needs his body to be appreciated (well, “worshipped” will be truer in certain cases).

And no matter what kind of body type he has, he will believe it when you say it.

A body is a body, and when you’re in the heat of the moment, it doesn’t really matter how much muscle there’s at play.

Any type of body can be seducing.

Saying that his body turns you on is the confirmation that most men are actively looking for, even if they don’t say it out loud.

2.“It Makes My Knees Go Weak”

When you tell him something that he does makes you go weak in your knees, he will directly relate it with his own experience.

Men feel very weak in their knees whenever they ejaculate.

Whether it’s sex or not, getting weak in the knees is something men always correlate with excessive sexiness or some situation they find very hot.

Sure, the same happens with a woman’s body, but your man might not understand it from your point of view when he has more practical experience with it.

Use this weapon for your own benefit.

When he makes that connection, he will feel that he truly makes you feel so weak and he must be doing something extremely sexy or hot for you.

This riles him up and you might see some hot action right afterward.

You can say a number of things before you say that it makes your knees go weak, like:

  • When you grab my hair,
  • When you hold me in your arms,
  • Whenever you’re on top of me,
  • When you’re very concentrated (or any other innocent expression),
  • When you take your shirt off,
  • And so on…

3.“It Feels Amazing When You Are Inside Me”

It sure arouses him way more than anything when he receives a positive indication that you love him when he’s inside you.

Dirty talk is impossible to do if you’re not willing to talk about the most intimate of things.

Just whisper to tell him how amazing it feels when he’s inside you.

It might look like a simple way for him to confirm his abilities, but it plays around a bit in his mind, touching various sensitive points.

This builds up the sexual tension like a highly functional and active tool.

Your whisper should sound hot and there should be an indication that you expect something.

Otherwise, it’s just a statement of your enjoying him and thus, it might not turn him on.

Make it suggestive and see the magic begin.

4.“Lie Down, I’m In Charge Tonight!”

More often than not, it’s exceptionally turning-on for even the most powerful men to simply give in.

There’s a tendency in human beings to dominate.

And although many believe men dominate more often, what they don’t know is that men don’t always like dominating.

Your aim is not to dominate here, by the way.

Make him submit and see how much energy he builds up in short duration to take on and dominate himself like he never does.

If it’s pretty clear that you’re going to be lying down, he might not feel the urge to release all his potential.

But if you start with making him submit by commanding him to lie down or lie back, it will make his “comeback” dominance much stronger.

A subtle suggestion that you’re going to be in charge through a sexy whisper can go a long way.

He’ll crave for it in the future as well but might not ask you directly.

It’s not a good idea at all to suggest it every time you have a go at it, but you can repeat this every once a while by changing up the words a little.

There are countless variations.

Sometimes, you can just command him and sometimes, you can whisper to him that he should lie down and let you take care of the business.

If he smiles brightly, it’s the signal that he loves it so much.

5.“Finish Whenever You Like”

This might seem like a counterproductive statement, but when you vocalize it through a sexy whisper, it will channel energies inside him chaotically.

It won’t be a statement of respect or sympathy only.

When you don’t say anything about him finishing, it’s not like he will always assert that it’s a priority to help you finish.

But when you explicitly mention that he can finish whenever he likes, it does two things:

-Sort of “frees” him up from bothering about not satisfying you (more freedom means more excitement for him and more pleasure for you), and
-Makes him keep his and your finishing in mind while making love.
There’s a little bit of secret fetish in every man to finish regardless of the consequences or helping his partner finish.

This is also why, I daresay, some men prefer regular masturbation to regular sex.

It’s a very dark way to look at sex, but sometimes, if you let him fantasize that it’s not going to matter whether you finish or not, it will make him rile up all of his energy.

Consequently, the experience becomes better for you.

And at the same time, he keeps it in his mind that your finishing is also important because it doubles up as a gentle reminder that is missing other times – thus enabling him to put more work in helping you finish to get a further commendation for himself.

6.“Get On The Bed!”

This is a conventional way that we relate with men.

Surprisingly, it works towards evoking intense sexual arousals for the man too.

This is although a command but you’re not saying it out loud.

Remember, you’re whispering things into his ear.

When you whisper, it makes the command feel sexier.

7.“No One Does It Better Than You”

It could be a direct indication for sex or any other action that usually happens around the same time.

Passionate kisses, waiting to get home to him, waiting for him to get home, sensual massages, it could be anything really.

Not specifically dirty, it’s dirty in a suggestive manner.

You tell him that no one does a particular action better than him.

Which is something he won’t be taking literally, but he’ll be aroused by a great deal when he hears that.

By saying that no one does it better than him, you’re not just telling him a straight-up fact, but you’re boosting his morale.

When you do that, his increased confidence will help him give you the satisfaction that he generally doesn’t.

That’s all because now he is going to be thinking that no one does that act better than him, which essentially means you enjoy it so much.

With that thought always on his mind, it’s going to get him all riled up.

8.“Bang Me/ Make Love To Me Like You Own Me”

You can also use the f-word if you’re on that level, it really depends on the progression of your relationship.

“Make love to me like you own me” (or its more explicit flavors) are a huge turn-on for any man, especially those who love when you talk dirty.

This pushes things over a whole new horizon.

If you whisper this in his ear, his body will be aching to be inside you the next time you two are together.

“Own me” might be a little bit objective and might raise some red flags among women.

But if you’re completely fine with it and totally love him (and he totally loves you), there’s nothing wrong in saying it.

In a nutshell, you’re telling him what he already knows or believes.

And if he gets a confirmation from you, he’ll be working extra hard just to make you happy for saying that to him.

This is truly special for any man.

Explicit Stuff With Specific Body Parts

And now, there are also certain explicit words that you whisper, depending on the mood and the situation, that detail out specific body parts.

Don’t go all wild and rough with these, and don’t overuse these because then they lose their meaning quickly and you sound desperate.

  • “I want to feel you deep within my body” is a good starting point that doesn’t really target a single body part but still gets the job done.
  • “I want you to fill me” is also similar to the previous one, but is more suggestive in nature. Also, tell him that you love it when you feel him pulsing inside you.
  • “I’d wet you all over” is when you take the next step in your dirty talk. This brings your vagina in the discussion without ever directly implying it.
  • When talking about the vagina, you can use phrases like you want his cock to fill it or stretch it. It’s dirty talking on a very high level but if you’re comfortable in doing that, it brings out the raw emotion that every man feels within him. When he feels more of it, he will be going crazy mad over you when he makes love to you. You can also say these things during foreplay.


There are various levels of dirty talk.

And when you’re whispering, you can make even the dirtiest words sound sexy.

Sometimes, it’s enough to tell him that it feels amazing when he’s inside you.

And yet sometimes, it really tickles his sexual senses when you tell him that you’re going to be in charge.

Passing certain commands while whispering is also effective, and the dirty talk that involves specific body parts works really well when both of you are comfortable engaging in it.

Also, keep in mind that every man is different.

There are certain things he might or might not like.

It’s also a potential advantage of whispering that even the dirtiest suggestions come off as harmless and innocent.

You can use this for your own advantage and make uncomfortable suggestions quite comfortably once you figure out the level of dirty talk he’ll like to engage in.

Another thing that you should know that dirty talk isn’t just for bed.

Things can be said way beforehand or even during foreplay.

If you only do dirty talk while making love, it will imply that you only say those things when you’re wanting him or wanting to finish, which is a bad suggestion and makes men think you only crave sex.

So, mix things up and try variations for better sex life.

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