What Does DSL Mean Slang

Language is the medium to convey your messages. You are totally dependent on the language and you have to learn various types of languages if you want to communicate with people living there. A language comprises of various standard words that are formal and informal. Informal words develop due to people’s way of speaking. Instead of speaking the long words, again and again, people find their abbreviated words which we may call slang. Of course, this helps a lot not only in speaking as well as writing. We will be covering the topic of what does DSL mean slang in this article.

DSL is used for so many words and in order to better understand its true meaning you have to look into its perspective. Without knowing the perspective, you may not tell the exact DSL slang terminology.

In practical life, DSL is used to describe:

Digital Subscriber Line

Technology that provides internet access by transmitting data (sending and receiving data) over wires using local telephone networks. This is one of the most common internet connectivity technologies and has many advantages over cable net and dialup internet. A DSL is a common technology that is being used interchangeably for what DSL means slang. In order to connect to the internet, you have to have a DSL modem and router installed in your home or office. Now a day, Internet Service Providers are giving away free modem which has built-in router.

Definitive software library

It is a location on a remote file server where authorized versions of all soft wares are stored. It is a secure and protected location containing master copies of all software and license of all software made in house or outsourced from outside the organization.

Design Science License 

Written by Michael Stutz, it is a free Copyleft license (a license which gives freedom to use the program and to amend free and offer the modified version also as a free for further modification.)

Domain-specific language 

DSL is a computer language that is just as opposite to GPL (general-purpose language) and works for a particular range or domains of computers. It is a tiny language and in order to build the whole software, you have to write several DSL.

Deep scattering layer

 is a zone in the ocean discovered through sonar at a depth of 900 feet to 1200 feet. It is also called The Sound Scattering Layer.

Diagnostic Systems Laboratories

 It has become part of the well famous company Beckman-Coulter.

Nintendo DS Lite

 It is a gaming console developed by Nintendo with the double screen. So far it has made its market in Australia, Europe, South America, New Zealand, Singapore, North America, East Asia, and the Middle East. It is a full-featured gaming console and is capable of Wi-Fi signals from other Nintendo systems. The best thing is that it supports WEP encrypted and unencrypted networks, which is a very plus point and makes this Nintendo DS Lite a popular leader in the gaming industry.

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