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how to get the highest vertical jump - Twenty Something Bloggers

how to get the highest vertical jump

How to increase vertical jump? so Learn the ways to achieve highest vertical jump with the help of some exercises and simple techniques.

Tips to Increase Vertical Jump

The vertical jump is an explosive physical movement in sports like basketball and volleyball. It is based on your ability to jump and running speed. The highest vertical jump is a valuable asset for all players because it helps your team to block other players and steal their chance. It can increase the confidence of your team; therefore, the players often find wondering how to increase vertical jump. It is possible to increase with proper training and practice. If you want to become the best athlete, then you should learn how to jump higher. There is a correlation between your high jump and running speed. You have to gain strength to train your central nervous system and increase your ability to run and jump.

Science of Jumping

If you want to increase your vertical jump, you should focus on your basketball workout. You need to alternate your strength and power cycle to training your central nervous system. It is important to be fast and generate extreme force quickly. In the first step, you have to increase the strength of your body in accordance with body mass to improve the vertical jump performance. Fast and slow performance in the similar workout can be counterproductive; therefore, you should teach your body to move quickly. It doesn’t mean that slower movements are not required, but there should be a strategic balance and planning. Strength and balance will teach your body to move fast and jump high.

Tips to Increase Your Vertical Jump

If you are striving hard for highest vertical jump, then following are some tips that you should follow to get better results:

  1. Visualize

It is an excellent trick for people who are looking how to increase vertical jump. You need to test your jump to see how higher score you get on the backboard. It is actually a practice to increase your motivation. Test your jump and then close your eyes and imagine yourself exploding upwards to your desired goal. Imagine that your leg muscles are very strong and big. Focus on yourself and feel lighter and springy for a higher vertical jump. Think about it for a few seconds and then repeat in your head that I am powerful and lighter. Now you are ready to jump once again, and you will surely get an immediate gain of almost 2 to 5 inches.

  1. Arm Swings

It is the most important factor for athletes who are wondering how to jump higher. It is often neglected to concentrate on the forceful and fast swing of the arm. This factor has a 15% contribution to your performance. Swing your arms fast and time it with the jump to see the magic.

  1. Flexibility is A Key

Flexibility is another important factor that can be achieved with a basketball workout. The best gymnast can generate a lot of total body power, and it is all about the flexibility of your body. There are countless benefits of total-body flexibility, and to achieve this, you should start the stretch-reflex-shortening cycle thrice a week. Stretch only after your workout because stretching before or after a workout can decrease your power. Pay attention to flexors, glutes, and hamstrings.

4.Work on Your Inner Abdominal

It is about the transverse abdominal wall and underneath area because it plays an important role in the power movement. Try to make them stronger to experience highest vertical jump. It is really simple, just suck your stomach by taking a deep breath and imagine you are sucking your stomach into the spine. This position should last for almost 20 seconds and then repeat it four times. You can do this almost 3 to 4 times a week to improve your performance. A slimmer waist will help you to improve your vertical jump.

  1. Practice Plyometric

It is a special jump drill that can help you to train your nervous system and reflexes. If you get bored with old exercises, you can try this one because these explosive movements will help you to achieve your goal to get a highest vertical jump. This power training will increase your strength and speed. You can combine it with your basketball workout because you have to train your legs to jump quickly and teach your muscles to move faster.

  1. Increase the Power of Tibialis Anterior

If you want to know how to increase vertical jump, you should work on this muscle located on the shin and typically known as Dorsi-Flexors. Strengthen them to increase a few inch jump and avoid shin splints. The Dorsi-Flexors play an important role to stabilize the lower leg and maximize your force. You can start your workout by walking on your heels until you get a burning sensation.

  1. Strengthen Twitch Fibers

Aerobics is slow twitching exercises, but these ill no work for those who want to learn how to jump higher. You need to involve in a sport that require power and endurance. Aerobic training is not required for football players or sprinters. In the long duration training, your muscles can learn oxygen consuming slow moves and slow-twitch muscles. You need to make your muscles strong and efficient. Focus on the high-intensity drill like sprinting because these help you develop fast-twitch muscles.

  1. Wave loading for Nervous System

You need to play with your nervous system, and for this purpose load some weight on your body before jumping. It is just like installing an additional motor unit in your body to increase the work of your muscles. It can increase your efficiency and make your training really easy. This trick will help you to break plateaus.

  1. Work on the Toe Muscles

Flexor Hallucis Longus are found in the leg, started from the lower leg and end to the big toe. You need to work on these small muscles and to try to add more strength with crunches. Pushups are also good for your tiptoes, and you can hold this position for almost 10 seconds. It is a great answer to your question how to increase vertical jump. You need to practice it 3 to 4 times in a week to strengthen your toe muscles.