The Bronx Irish News Stand is a pretty impressive newsstand in Woodlawn, the Bronx. It is actually the largest retailer of Irish newspapers and magazines in America, and they have been at the service of the Irish community for almost 25 years. They not only offer hundreds of magazines and newspapers, but they also run thousands of original Irish products.

The neighborhood of Woodlawn is home to New York’s largest Irish community and this shop is the largest Irish deli around. They carry tens of thousands of genuine Irish products such as Irish crisps, candies, jams, cookies, CD’s, or chocolates. Let’s first take a closer look at the particular area where we’re located.

Little Ireland, Woodlawn, The Bronx

Woodlawn is a lower-middle-class Irish American neighborhood in the northern portions of the Bronx, just north of the cemetery that bears the same name. McLean Avenue is the north boundary (New York City-Westchester County line), and to the east, the Bronx River defines its territory that is to the south determined by Woodlawn Cemetery to the south, and to the west by Van Cortlandt Park.

This is the neighborhood of Little Ireland of New York City. The Woodlawn Heights neighborhood (or simply: Woodlawn as the people here know it) has always been one of the best-known destinations for the exodus of the Irish to New York City.

Woodlawn was initially populated with many German immigrants, but now this part of the Bronx is predominantly Irish, although you can find small pockets of Italian-Americans as well. This is the area where you can find the greatest abundance of insignia with a four-leaf clover on storefronts of all places within New York City.

Although Woodlawn has its distinct borders, the area’s Irish community can be found both north and south McLean Avenue, which is actually the city line of New York City. Here starts Yonkers to the north. Both north and south of McLean Avenue areas, however, are pretty much indistinguishable when it comes to the character, inhabitants, or businesses.

Most of the area’s residents have been living here for several generations, and it is home not only to the Irish-American population but also to Irish immigrants. The fact that the neighborhood was close to Manhattan, and the availability of so many imported Irish products made it very attractive for inhabitants from the other side of the Atlantic, but there are more neighborhoods with a strong Irish presence such as Norwood and Riverdale in the Bronx, and Inwood in Manhattan.

Woodlawn can get pretty hard to get into. The best way, probably, is getting there by car, though taking the subway is also a good option. Take the Metro-North Harlem line that makes a stop near the Bronx River Parkway, at East 233rd Street, and the subway line with number 4 makes a stop at Woodlawn Cemetery’s southern tip, but then you’ll have to walk quite a distance to Woodlawn’s center.

Once you get there, though, be ready for some real Irish fun. The best place to visit is Katonah Avenue, filled with Irish pubs, restaurants, cafes, and there also are shops with authentic Irish goods and imported gifts.

But there’s more to be found in Woodland. Besides all the Irish festivities, the neighborhood also includes the beautiful green spaces of bordering Van Cortlandt Park, an almost 1,200-acre oasis of peace and tranquility. If you’re intrigued by spooks, go and check out the Woodlawn Cemetery, a famous place with its eerie tombstones and grand mausoleums surrounded by all the greenery.

Woodlawn Cemetery offers guided tours and among the many notable figures that found their final resting place here are famous Latin artist Celia Cruz, and the Olmstead brothers. If you’re a person who craves some Irish style partying be sure to visit the ‘Tombstone Saloon’ or the ‘Rambling House’, and when it’s time to fill up your hungry stomach, check out Patrizia’s Of Woodlawn or Mary’s Celtic Kitchen.

You can also enjoy the Woodlawn Arts and Music House where various local artists are given a stage, so you see that a visit to Woodlawn’s Little Ireland will definitely impress you with some traces of Ireland, right in New York City.

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