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The Power Of Walking Away From A Man - Twenty Something Bloggers

The Power Of Walking Away From A Man

Being willing to walk away from him essentially establishes you as a woman with high quality. The Power Of Walking Away

This develops your standard.

Remember, with this technique, your aim is not to make your man jealous or tell him that you are seeing other men.

It’s also not a way of telling him that you’ve become less interested in him that we’re discussing.

It’s just a statement that he’s not the only one.

What this does is trigger a feeling in him that he has to keep working on it actively to keep you.

And that entails making you happy, taking care of your needs, and so on.

By telling him that you’re willing to walk away, you’re taking a bold and confident step towards keeping your man.

This also ensures active engagement.

What is Your Aim?

A lot of women ask this question when they’re afraid of trying out walking away from their men.

What is the final aim?

Why are you doing it or why should you be doing it?

Is it about creating fear in him?

Does it make him follow you?

Will this make him chase you?

Well, the final consequences depend on the man for each situation is different.

Walking away in a direct manner when he has made a terrible mistake might make him chase you.

But if you do it without a solid cause, you might not even be creating fear in him.

But, whatever the case, if you’re walking away, it sends across a powerful statement.

Even if you’re willing to walk away and you show that to him through your words, actions, or lifestyle changes, it works.

Just make sure you do it only when there’s a solid reason working as the bedrock for your foundation.

If you try to create fear on a weak bedrock, things might not work out the way you want them to.

Your True Self & Self Respect

More than an instrument of creating confusion or fear, walking away is actually a powerful statement that helps you assert your true worth.

It’s like expressing your true self because that’s the woman you are: if something conflicts with your self-respect, you won’t be making any compromises.

He doesn’t own you.

He’s not your only option – you need to make him believe this.

This expression of your true self is basically for the protection of your self-respect.

So, the next time you consider walking away from him, don’t think of it like a weapon that you are using on him.

Think of it as a way of expressing your true self.

“What Will It Bring Me?”

Well, as I said before, it depends on the situation and person in question.

But in general, it helps you assert your power.

When you show that you can walk away, you’re showing that you are not desperate for his affection and love.

You’re a woman with self-respect and most importantly, a woman with options.

His replacement is ready if he starts behaving in a manner that you don’t appreciate: that is what you should work towards making him believe.

And making him believe that is easiest when you give off the vibe that you can walk away, anytime.

If he understands that you can walk away, not only will it make him appreciate the things you do for him, but also make him think twice before he does anything stupid.

You deserve respect and appreciation for your time.

And that’s something he needs to know whether by the positive way or by the negative.

The negative one being your willingness to walk away if he does a mistake.

“But Why Should I Be Doing This?”

This is a very legit question and one that I see women ask all the time when they consider walking away from a toxic relationship or a bad partner.

Why should you walk away, or why should you imply that you’re going to walk away?

What women do in a relationship is lose themselves down the line.

They start trying to please everyone and everything around them.

This is not how you have to be.

What you need to do is explain that you always have your options.

And explaining it with mere words will be ineffective.

When you want to make it clear, it’s best to do it with your body language.

When he knows that you can walk away easily, he will be more forthcoming to your needs.

It’s important to know that you’re not telling him you don’t love him enough.

What you’re doing is basically stating that you love yourself before anyone else.

And that should be perfectly fine to admit.

When you put yourself first, you will find that you’re unable to make any dire compromises.

And that is exactly what your man should understand.

To make him understand that, you should be doing this. Simple as that.

Do You Really Just … Walk Away?

No, of course, you don’t walk away on every small thing.

There is a time and place for everything.

If you can’t observe the distinction between a situation where you should walk away, a situation where you should stay, and a situation where you should just give off the vibe that you could potentially walk away, then remember a general rule of thumb: it depends on what you foresee the nature of his reaction to be.

Sure, it might sound a little complex, but it’s easy in practice.

If the situation is right, you can just give him a hint that you’re fully capable of walking away if the need arises.

You should also make it clear that it’s not about other men or making him insecure in any way.

It’s simply because loving yourself and giving yourself the respect that you deserve is of higher priority than remaining in a toxic relationship with compromises that are heavily taxing on your happiness.

So, you might not be leaving altogether, but dropping a hint that you could.

The thought is as powerful as the action if you play your cards the right way.

He will truly believe that you can indeed leave him anytime and walk away.

It’s your job to remind him that the option is open for you, no matter how you do.

Perhaps you make it a straight point that you’re going to leave in a situation, or maybe you drop a hint.

It’s all about what the situation demands.

Making Him Understand The Basic Woman

The basic nature of a woman is that she can attract many men if she wants to, or tries to.

This is what men start to forget slowly when they are with you for a long time.

And nothing sends this message better than telling him that you can walk away anytime you wish.

You’re not desperate or eternally dependent on him.

You are not there to brace his mood swings, mistakes, or whatever it is. It’s as simple as that.

If you see fit, you can walk away.

And he should know that.

There is nothing wrong in feeling this way.

It’s completely fine for a woman to love and respect herself more than anyone else.

So, even if you’re walking away or showing your willingness to walk away in a certain condition, it doesn’t mean that you’re not putting in your part of the effort to build a relationship on mutual understanding and love.

It’s simply an indicator of the fact that certain things are non-negotiable.

Inspiration To Pursue

The power of walking away from a man is materialized when you create an inspiration in him to pursue you.

Of course, it’s only true for the case when you’re not in a toxic relationship and things are quite fine, but could use a little bit of freshening because your value has been on a decline lately.

That inspiration to pursue is a special feeling and requires special treatment to be effective.

How does this feeling come in a man?

It’s a multi-step journey that takes a long while.

  • Make a healthy, cohesive bond with him that he finds special. When he has a special place in his heart for you, things will go really smooth. Be the woman who makes him feel special by connecting with him as no other woman has.
  • Now, he won’t be willing to part ways with you. He won’t be walking away. But his affection or display of affection might dampen over time. It’s pretty natural to happen in most relationships.
  • What you do now is change your vibe in subtle ways. But always keep a clear conscience and make him understand that it’s not about making him jealous, or that you’re no more interested in him.
  • Always act confident and have your own belief in your security. You’re not desperate. He’s not your only option. You need to feel this first of all so that you can effectively reflect this mentality. He needs to capture this mentality and it’s up to you to radiate your feelings.
  • This sets up an automatic system. When a man knows that you have options besides him, he will always pay attention to you and never neglect you. This is what it means to unlock the power of waking away from a man. This sets up your system for creating inspiration in him to pursue you.

How does this work?

Well, it’s simple really.

When a man knows that you have options besides him, most probably plenty of those, it will evoke a sense of curiosity.

This curiosity about you is the trigger that you need to make him fall in love with you all over again.


The first thing to do here is admitting to yourself that your own love for yourself and the protection of your self-respect are more sacred than “making a relationship work.”

Once you know that, you will find it easy to radiate the thought.

But why should you walk away, or imply that you can walk away?

The reasons are many.

Ranging from getting a spike in his attention towards you to creating inspiration in him to pursue you, the results vary wildly from situation to situation.

In the end, you need to remember that you’re not supposed to lose yourself in a relationship.

It’s important to remember your true self.

Letting your man know the basic woman is a great advantage.

Basically, women have their options open, or the ability to make them open.

And he needs to know that.

There are two situations that you might be trying to deal with using the power of walking away from your man.

First, you might be in a toxic relationship and you want him to know that you have options so that he understands that he needs to treat you fairly.

In that case, you will work towards more open and probably direct methods of letting him know about your options.

This will reduce the toxicity of the relationship and he will start paying more attention to you.

Surely, the problem can only arise when the man isn’t a keeper.

And if he’s more of a player, then you might even be out of luck.

Even direct threats of walking away might be ineffective.

Results might show up if you actually leave him, but it’s hard to say for sure that things won’t be the same again where you might need to attempt the same tactic later on.

On the other end, there’s the situation where you have a fully functional relationship that you like being in, but you need a little bit of attention that you deserve.

In that situation, your letting him know that you have a great deal of self-respect and love for yourself will ease the situation.

Not only will it make him more curious and interested in you, but it will also increase his affection and investment towards you.

It will make him pursue you when you drop subtle hints that you have your options open if he makes a blunder.

This is less “final,” so you will be more open to vague claims, light remarks, and subtle hints rather than a direct approach that implies your availability of options.